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About Shlur


Thanks for checking out Shlur and wanting to find out a bit more about us.

Shlur first appeared online in August of 2013 after a few months of research and development. Shlur has grown substantially in it’s short life online building the backbone to a site full of original quality content from all over the globe.

We are based in Berlin but have writers all over the world providing cultural content in a wide variety of formats aimed at a young audience of 18-35 year old adults. We are forever expanding our coverage and are always looking for new contributors.


We are primarily an “arts and culture” focused web magazine that allows us to explore a lot of different topics. We love all things independent whether it be cafes and restaurants or other print and web magazines like ourselves. Music is a huge topic for Shlur, we support an eclectic mix from noise punk and indie pop to techno and minimal and throughout the year we attend many festivals and shows. We support startups and new, innovative companies and love to keep up with the next big things. To get more of an idea of what we like browse all our articles here.