listening station berlin

The Analogue Foundation Brings the ‘Listening Station’ to Berlin July 21st

The Analogue Foundation, founded by Audio-Technica, Grammy Award winning producer and studio engineer Russell Elevado and international art and genre-bending music group Soundwalk Collective will be bringing the European tour of their innovative “Listening Station” to Berlin this July. The Listening Station has been built using the some of the best high-fidelity components available to provide a unique listening experience. Each part has been selected for their ability to reproduce vinyl’s original signature sound and keep the signal chain true and clean.

Having already graced the cities of London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris, the Berlin leg of the tour will kick off at Soho House on Friday 21st July via an intimate panel discussion featuring key industry figures and members of the Soundwalk Collective. The Listening Station will be on show throughout the evening, culminating in a lounge party at Soho House’s Red Room. Soundwalk Collective’s “Before Music There Is Blood” will also be screened on the night.

Following the Soho House launch the Listening Station will be setup at Oye Records, (Oderberger Str., Berlin) in Prenzlauer Berg from the 22nd to the 29th July and will be available to anyone visiting the store where they’ll be able to sample records on the beautiful state-of-the-art analogue system.

The Listening Station is comprised of Audio-Technica AT-ART9, AT-OC9/III, AT33Sa and AT33EV cartridges, ATH-A2000Z, ATH-AD2000X, ATH-W1000Z and ATH-W5000 headphones, AT-HA5050H headphone amplifier, Technics SP10 turntable, Jelco SA-750D arm and WHEST Two 2 phono amplifier.

Find out more at The Analogue Foundation.