Reclaim The Feminine

Reclaim the Feminine by Annique Delphine Opens February 9th

Opening February 9th at Fata Morgana, ‘Reclaim The Feminine’ is the first solo-exhibition by Berlin-based artist, Annique Delphine. Curated by Emma McKee and presented by coGalleries, the exhibition will feature photographs from Delphine’s ‘Objectify Me’ series along with a mixed-media installation articulated around the deconstruction of social norms regarding desire and objectification.

Inspired from a world where femininity always finds a way into our reality, the exhibition features breasts made of various materials taking various forms; dripping in ice cream, arranged in bags and cages and replacing the artists head in self-portraits.

Breasts are the most objectified and sexualized part of women’s bodies.

Deilphine states, “As women we are conditioned from an early age that what’s most important about us is the way we look and the way our body feels in someone else’s hands. We are nothing if we aren’t aesthetically pleasing and act humble about it. Breasts are the most objectified and sexualized part of women’s bodies. You can literally buy breasts as objects in novelty stores, on amazon, in sex toy stores, etc.. Once I had come across these rubber balls made to look and feel like the real thing (only perfected in an eery unattainable way) I knew I had to photograph them.”

Reclaim the Feminine

The exhibition is presented by coGalleries where “co” stands for the three terms connect, collect, collaborate. You can check out their website for an overview of events hosted in the studios and gallery, along with available artworks. They host a number of temporary exhibitions, artist talks and art events in collaboration with various curators from their space in Mitte.

Reclaim the Feminine runs from February 9 – February 28, 2017 at Fata Morgana, Torstraße 170, Berlin, Germany

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