Surgeon Search Deep Inside Yourself

Surgeon – Search Deep Inside Yourself EP Review

As Blueprint Records approach their 20th anniversary, long time affiliate of the label, Surgeon releases his new EP, ‘Search Deep Inside Yourself’. Regarded highly by many as one of the most influential and versatile techno DJ’s of our time,the new release has been highly anticipated by all involved in the scene. 

The four tracks of the EP hold titles that form a message when read consecutively, ultimately making up the full name of the release. ‘Search Deep Inside Yourself’ takes the listener through a journey of deep, explorative adventure with the opening banger, ‘Search,’ harnessing the listener into the ride. It’s thumping, driving bass line and kick evoke a sensation of hurtling through the unknown, with sharp melodies pulsating in and out throughout the unpredictable composition.

‘Search’ leads perfectly into ‘Deep’ with it’s sci-fi glitches and beeps, it’s not quite as in your face, but dystopian and stripped back, changing the setting for the journey into a more controlled environment. ‘Inside’ takes on a different structure with prolonged synth lines making use of the full length of the track, encouraged by the low end and repetitive spikes to explore the breadth of the piece and to not conform to the other present elements. The EP closes with ‘Yourself’ of which takes a slightly more experimental approach to Surgeon’s sound. At times it’s a total attack on the senses and at others it mellows to an almost mysterious feel.

‘Search Deep Inside Yourself’ accomplishes so much in just four tracks and is a must have for any fans of Surgeon and Blueprint Records. Expect to see any of the four tracks picked up by other DJs in the field and showcased around the world at the finest techno nights.

Surgeon is playing at Berghain on March 12th. The EP is out now and available from all decent Vinyl stores.