Die Geniesser

Die Genießer – Coffee Table Book by Marie and Feline Grub

How clever; its like a children’s book for adults, disguised as a stylish coffee table book. Die Geniesser consists of 128 delightfully illustrated ways to enjoy. Illustrators and twin sisters Marie and Feline Grub demonstrate with their adorable characters ways that they find the most enjoyable to do “life stuff”. I visited AmsterdamBerlin and sat down with the illustrators to discuss their book, art, the future and the surprising things they enjoy in life.

Die Genießer

Die Genießer

A passion shared is always a beautiful thing, as is collaboration. Marie and Feline had been drawing Die Geniesser for several years without any intention of publishing a book. Half way through a drawing they would exchange ideas and continue working away. Marie and Feline both have an education in drawing and can draw very realistically but the way they draw ‘Die Geniesser’ is much more pleasurable for them.

“We imagine a situation and think of the most enjoyable and comfortable way to draw it. Then its not about perspective but
about how it feels. We get really lost in the details.”

Moritz Grub, the brother of the illustrating pair and managing director of AmsterdamBerlin, had the idea of the book. He loved the drawings and encouraged them to share their work. The book was designed and then came the idea of the text to accompany the illustrations. Moritz published the book exactly the way Marie and Feline had imagined.

Marie and Feline Grub

Marie and Feline Grub

Marie and Feline GrubThe concept of sharing comes naturally to these twins. They believe that if you can share an experience then it is more enjoyable than to have it just for yourself. It is a joy for them to share their illustrations, allowing Die Geniesser to inspire. They show how it is possible to enjoy journeys as much as destinations or the packing of bags as much as the holiday.

“Everyone or no-one knows what it is but everyone is looking for it (peace). Instead of searching for it just enjoy.”

The book reminds us that creativity, simple pleasures and sensations can transcend reality. The theme is too relevant for Marie & Feline not to question it, explore it and encourage other people. They are now involved in creating a screenplay and the stage set for a theatre play with the same theme as their book. They are very open to projects that share the theme. They would also like to to have the book published in English, although it is also a very enjoyable way to learn German!

I asked Marie and Feline, “If you were the last people in the world would you still draw pictures?”

“Yes. Because it’s not for pleasing others. If we draw, we forget everything else and that makes us happy.”

Die Geniesser is available at The Store at Soho House Berlin, Andreas Murkudis, Bücherbogen and Voo Store.