Clubster Berlin

Clubster – Kiez Wear from Neukölln

Clubster is a young and exciting brand run by Michaela and Holgi, ran from the heart of Berlin’s fashionable neighborhood, Neukölln. With access to a textile printery and harnessing Michaela’s professional media operator skills the pair decided to launch the brand that deals with their own environment as a primary topic.

The name, Clubster aims to attract a crowd from Berlin’s thriving electronic music scene, in which unlike other genres of music such as hip-hop or rock, is not known for it’s relationship with fashion brands. Whilst aiming to hopefully change this, they also focus heavily on earth positive textiles, fair trade and a careful, considerate use of resources and materials. All products are produced biologically to a high standard, adhering to their brand mission.

"Codex" T-shirt

“Codex” T-shirt

Michaela and Holgi are both active in the electronic music scene in Berlin running an agency for electronic musicians and DJs and also promoting their own events. They couple are extremely proud of the neighborhood that they live in and hope to portray both aspects of Neukölln and music in their designs.

We spoke to Holgi to expand a bit more on the origins of their designs,

“Berlin is a city with a continuous change, no question on that. And we’re really in-between, that’s why we see a lot of possibilities to translate those aspects in a graphical way.  Our “Kiezkeule” design for instance, a typical male design that composes of Kiez, which is the German word for neighborhood and Keule, which means homie. We printed that on bags too because Keule, in its real translated form, means bat in German and bats are typical weapons for males. For our female clientele, we created the “Nature Lover” bag. Quite a must-have for all the girls out there that are already dreaming about the festival season. Our “Urban Specialist” is for lovers of the urban lifestyle and for those that appreciate being in a trend area. The last one is also represented through our “Trendbezirk” design. Meaning the trend area, which basically changed over the years here starting in Berlin-Mitte, to Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and of course Neukölln. Talking about Neukölln, our Design “Nasty Neukölln” plays tribute to that. As Neukölln is known for being a quite dirty and loud district. Never the less, we love to live here. Last but not least, the “Codex Design” that is inspired by nightlife and represents the Codex in it. What happens in a club, stays in a club. As you might see, we deal and work a lot with influences from outside. There are no boarders for our creativity and we’re way not at the end yet.”


 You can shop Clubster online at their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.