Where to buy food in berlin on Sunday

Where to buy food in Berlin on Sunday

We’ve all been there, the big night out on Friday, the even bigger night out on Saturday that both result in a Sunday that should be full of Netflix, bed and comfort food. The solution? Easy. Just pop down to your local supermarket in your pajamas to stock up on soft drinks, chips, chocolate, pizza and the rest. But wait, this is Germany and by law supermarkets cannot open on a Sunday along with many other shops (even Spätis are being cracked down on now).

Luckily for you this short guide will detail which of the few Supermarkets are in fact open on Sunday, their opening hours and nearest station. There may just be one close enough to you act as a food savior. If not, well remember to stock up on Saturday and bare in mind that restaurants, fast food joints and kebab shops city wide will remain open as usual all Sunday.

Edeka in S+U Bahnhof Friedrichstraße

Yep, Edeka in the Friedrichstraße station is open every Sunday from 8am to 10pm. In fact according to berlin.de, this particular store is open 365 days a year including Christmas Day. Sorted.

Friedrichstraße 142
10117 Berlin

Closest Station – Friedrichstraße

Penny in Ostbahnhof

The discount supermarket Penny, having recently opened  at the end of 2015 at Ostkreuz station is open every Sunday till 11pm. Perfect if you are on a budget.

Am Ostbahnhof 9
10243 Berlin

Closest Station – Ostbahnhof

REWE in Ostbahnhof

Open till midnight every day of the week, the REWE in Ostbahnhof station is one of the best choices for Sunday shopping. Along with it’s late opening hours, REWE is known for stocking a broad range of quality groceries and is considered one of the higher end German supermarkets.

Am Ostbahnhof 9
10243 Berlin

Closest Station – Ostbahnhof

Kaiser’s in Hauptbahnhof

Kaiser’s is another high end supermarket and the one in Berlin’s main train station, Hauptbahnhof is open till 11pm every Sunday. Whilst a convenient store for travelers passing through the busy station, lots of local Berliners frequent this supermarket on a Sunday to stock up on Goods. Kasier’s has a great selection of fresh meat and baked goods.

Europaplatz 1
10559 Berlin

Closest Station – Hauptbahnhof

Ullrich at S+U Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten

By now you are probably noticing a trend that most of the supermarkets on this list are located in train stations and Ullrich’s at S+U Zoologischer Garten is no different. Located on the ground floor close to the Southern exit of the station, Ullrich’s is open till 10pm every Sunday and offers a great chance to stock up on supplies after a busy day wondering around the zoo!

Hardenbergstraße 25
10623 Berlin

Closest Station S+U Zoologischer Garten

Edeka at Bahnhof Lichtenberg

Located in the main hall of Bahnhof Lictehnberg, Edeka is open till 10pm every Sunday and offers a good range of consumer goods and organic proucts.

Weitlingstraße 22
10317 Berlin

Closest Station – Bahnhof Lichtenberg

Denn’s Biomarkt im S+U Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

The last savior on our list, Denn’s Biomarky at Gesundbrunnen station is open seven days a week till 9pm. Denn’s focuses on organic produce ranging from cheeses and meats to sweets and drinks. There is also a bakery for fresh baked organic goods.

Hanne-Sobek Square
13357 Berlin

Closest Station – S+U Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen

Other Options

Spätis are as always a good shout for picking up some light bites (some even carry a wider range of food choices) but we’ve noticed recently with the Government clamping down on these stores opening on Sunday’s that it’s becoming harder and harder to locate a decent one with good food options on a Sunday. In our local Neukölln we’ve noticed more and more shut every Sunday.

Lieferando, Pizza.de, Deliveroo and any of the many other online fast food ordering services are always a good call on Sundays. With these services you simply place your order online by browsing the restaurant of your choice’s full menu, pay via PayPal, Card or opt for cash on delivery then sit back and wait for your food to be delivered. Make sure to pay close attention to the rating systems that most of these sites have to make sure you are getting a quality meal!

If you have any recommendations that you think we should add to this list write a comment or email the author at adam@shlur.com.