Kerridge Fatal Light Attraction

Samuel Kerridge – Fatal Light Attraction

February 4th will see the release of Samuel Kerridge’s new EP, Fatal Light Attraction on Downwards Records.

The Fatal Light Attraction project was first premiered at the 2015 Berlin Atonal Festival which saw Samuel working alongside  Andrej Boleslavský & Mária Júdová producing an innovative performance which saw a system of live coding reacting in real time to the audio source. A complex lighting system created a sense of motion, adding to the sound to provide a fully immersive experience.

Fatal Light Attraction, which is out February 4th is a full on Kerridge style attack on the senses. Which his signature manipulated vocals working alongside resonating, relentless kick drums the general composition of the LP evokes a dystopian, industrial, and at times intimidating sound on the listener. The majority of the release has been recorded with custom built synthesizers and instruments with the first track  FLA·1 featuring HWK & Contort regular Plagium.

The release will be available as a 2×12″ Vinyl and digital download. Samuel Kerridge on Facebook.