Lil’ Ole Opry

Lil’ Ole Opry // Berlin’s Country Stage Event Preview

Inspired by Nashville’s s famous Grand Ole Opry, Lil’ Ole Opry is Berlin’s very own live radio “barn dance” and it’s happening Saturday 6th February at the English Theatre in Kreuzberg.

The event is set to feature some of Berlin’s finest country musicians including the Cosmic Combo of Uwe Effertz (guitar), Tomas Peralta (bass), Jens Baumann (drums), Miles Perkin (pedal steel guitar) and Friedemann Bochow (keys).


Bannerman (Richie Setford)

Richie Setford of Bannerman will be performing songs with a compelling and dynamic structure. Dramatic at times with sweet and sad undercurrents his songs feature just enough groove to get you through the night. Music to sway to, music to swoon to.


Volk are an awesome Berlin based duo made up of two American storytellers. Their retro, lively sound will take you away from the big city feel and more importantly, off your seat and on to the dancefloor.

Manon Kahle (Yellow Bird)

Manon Kahle of will be performing at Lil’ Ole Opry. Yellow Bird again prove that it’s not just the States producing the best bluegrass and country sounds. Their slightly alternative country compositions feature a unique double clarinet and are fronted by two brilliant female vocalists.

Chester Travis

Chester is an extremely talented indivdual. Not only a brilliant musician, he’s also worked producing music videos, written and published children’s books as well as writing and staring in plays.

Freddie Webber and Mika Bajinski are also performing at the event. Tickets cost €8 and are available here.

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