Five Travel Gifts

5 Fantastic Travel Related Gifts

Travel gifts are not the easiest things to buy for someone who likes to travel the globe because there are a lot of travel items that don’t get used more than once on a trip. To help narrow down the list of travel-related gifts to a small handful of fantastic ones that would either be useful for yourself on your next trip or for a friends as a gift for their upcoming birthday, here are five of the best travel gifts:

1. Packing Cubes

Not everyone is a fan of the product, but for people who are, they won’t leave home without them. The beauty of packing cubes is that they create separate compartments within a backpack or suitcase that lets the owner place their shirts in one cube, socks and underwear in another cube, etc. This simplifies access to their essential items and even means that they never need to unpack if they don’t want to.

2. Mophie Power Packs

If your loved one is like most electronic-loving traveler, they’re always short on power and outlets to plug into for any length of time when on the move. No worries, because these surprisingly affordable solar-powered chargers from Mophie don’t even need a power outlet to charge up the power packs. This item could possibly help save them from a loss of smartphone power just at the wrong time when they’re trying to send out that important email response before their phone dies.

3. Kidsmap

One of the most common questions when traveling is being asked where you’re from. When asked by young children where you have come from, this special Kidsmap is designed to show the world with pretty pictures and fun drawings to make it more interactive. The map itself can be changed by drawing onto it directly. The only problem will be getting the map back once they’ve shown it to a few kids in a group, so your friend should be prepared to leave some maps with the kids and continue on with their travels.

4. Travel Puzzle to While Away the Hours

One thing that is pretty common with travel is being stuck on a train or another form of transportation for many hours. At times like these, it can be nice to have a travel puzzle that can be pulled out to help keep you occupied. It’s also a good thing to have in a group because everyone can join in with trying to solve the puzzle.

Custom made puzzles make this particularly fun because images can be scanned and used as the cover for a puzzle. For people who enjoy a true challenge, they can pick an image that will be extremely difficult to solve when chopped up into little jigsaw pieces where it’s difficult to make out the whole image from a tiny slice. create some of the best travel puzzles to give as travel gifts.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

For anyone who is an avid reader, a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader device from Amazon weighs very little and fits easily into a backpack side pocket. There are several different versions of Kindle e-readers to choose from with the latest model benefiting from a higher resolution, more internal memory for storing e-books, and weighing even less. Your friend will thank you after they try to read with the Kindle late in the evening because there is no screen glare with this device as it uses a non-reflective e-ink screen technology.

It is critical to not over-pack with travel, so make sure that all gifts for travelers don’t take up too much spare and aren’t too heavy to carry.