Beauty Standards For Men

The New Beauty Standards for Men

In everything that we do and everything that we are there lays a little child wondering when has all become so complicated. Truth is, none of us really can pinpoint the moment when we switched from being careless individuals to body-image obsessed marionettes of the society we live in. But, we did and there is no turning back. What we can do though is accept the facts and move forward.

The ever-oriented male society has for so long been emphasizing the importance of male dominance, the supremacy of masculine energy in all aspects of life, stressing its superiority over female significance and femininity in general. Up until recently it seemed that any feminine quality in a man or anything female-like associated with a man was absolutely unacceptable as a dominant male was meant to be strong, rough, difficult, unemotional, usually insensible and often not as hygienic. However, what recent years brought was an absolute twist in gender roles – females have finally shown how powerful, strong and dominant they can be whilts males became encouraged to show their softer side, the side they’ve always had but were banned from expressing anywhere where they could be seen. Nobody wanted to get stuck with that “weak” label, afterall.

This gender role, in lack of better word, adjustment led to male fashion, hygiene and care habits, career orientation and overall appearance change drastically; men are now resembling women with their approach to self-care and this hysteria to look good and make it seem effortless is getting crazier as we speak.

The perfect man is now 5% body fat, six pack in check, a bulging bicep encouraged, properly and thoroughly groomed (yes, everywhere). Obviously, the looks aren’t everything – apart from expected to look good this man is also incredibly successful, career-oriented and a perfect husband and dad once he decides to settle down. Sigh… so many things to juggle!
Anyway, maintaining an appearance is not as easy task as it may seem to be. However, with proper care products and the right directions, everything is so much easier!

Here are our favorite must-knows that will help every man look his best:

1. Good skin care is everything

With beauty industry being well aware of the new emphasis on men’s skincare, the products for a modern man keep growing. Antiquated soaps, shaving creams, shampoos and other products their dads used are no longer the only options for a man who wants to stay good looking, especially if he’s fallen into the “metrosexual” category.

Men are now introduced to the world of skin care rich in vitamins, lubricants, emollients, skin conditioners and Q10 effect. Switching from a cheap bar of soap to a high quality wash cream will get any man look much younger and his skin glowing! Good skin care begins with a proper “facial wash and shaving cream and usually ends with a quality facial moisturizer”, explain beauticians. Depending on your skin type you’ll find variety of product but if your skin is super sensitive, first consult your dermatologists. Furthermore, City Laser Clinic has a word of advice for anyone of you fixated on getting rid of those freckles: for truly flawless skin, sign up for a freckle laser treatment. It’s harmless, super efficient, and with 100% great results.

2. Take your grooming seriously, but not too seriously

With the lumbersexual look getting more and more popular, the “cavemen” look is becoming the new black. If you are one of the bearded, male-bun guys, you should know that, in order not to look ridiculous but simply awesome – you need to groom properly and regularly, EVERYWHERE. Yes, don’t roll your eyes at it – you’ve asked for it, now deal with it!
Your beard must stay clean and smelling good. Have a beard comb with you at all times. Keep the beard trimmed and shaped, and remove the extra hairs from your cheek bones.

Some guys go even a step further and pluck and reshape their brows. If you are going to do that, make sure you don’t go overboard. You don’t want to end up looking like Cher, right?

3. Mind your hair

It’s entirely up to you whether you’ll go James Dean or Brock O’hurn on your hairdo as long as you keep it clean. Using products that won’t cause any itching, dandruff and speed greasing is an absolute must, no matter how much the products cost. Also, your hairdo must always be in check with the help of gels, hair wax, hairsprays and obviously your hairdresser’s magic hands. Don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve invested in yourself over something as pathetic as split ends!