Trend Alert Sportswear

Trend Report: Sportswear

Taking into account fashion trends, we can conclude that sportswear made a breakthrough in the last years. The boundary between high couture fashion and sports is blurring creating the new fashion mishmash on runways. The change in fashion can be seen in the collaboration of high fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott, Alexa Chung and many others with sportswear brands. Apart from haute couture which rarely has any significance for ordinary people, this fashion combination bears more relevance to urban people of the 21st century.

Is sportswear designed for gym only?

Is sportswear designed for gym only

Sportswear inspired editorial in Vogue. Image –

The beauty of this latest trend lies in its blend of casual and/or evening wear with typical sports clothing pieces. Many people are not willing to try this seemingly impossible combination of the two completely opposite styles. However, the bravest among fashionistas did try and showed us that you never know where beauty can be found, at least when it comes to fashion.

The combination of typical athletic black pants and a bright sweater with black strappy high heels leans towards the street style. As in any fashion trend, accessories can make your look unforgettable. An ordinary tennis dress paired with a sports cap adds a finishing touch to your outfit. Check out sportswear collections designed by Emilio Pucci, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs and I am sure your next night out outfit will reflect this ever growing fashion trend.

When it comes to menswear, pay close attention to the new trend called athleisure. The blend of athletic and casual wear brings us the outfits such as the combination of a bomber jacket, white runners and jogger pants.

New materials

Trend Alert Sportswear

Bold neoprene dresses by Lanvin. Image –

The advance of technology is visible in the new materials such as neoprene. You can pull of the new trend by incorporating an item of clothes made of neoprene. This soft material occupies a prominent place in fashion. One of the must-have pieces is definitely a printed neoprene hooded top by Emilio Pucci. Try out Monsoon laguna print trousers with a black strappy high heels. What do you think about pairing a Lanvin neoprene dress with a baseball cap? Consider an outfit consisting of a Kenzo neoprene-crepe mini skirt, ballet flats and a hoodie. Neoprene is used for shoes as well which can be seen in gorgeous Lavage neoprene sandals.

New sports new trends

New sports new trends

The underwater yoga & meditation. Image –

More and more people understand benefits of practicing some kind of physical exercises. The most popular physical activity of 2015 is definitely yoga. As the annual Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup grew in popularity, we can only hope that yoga becomes a sport on the Olympic stage. Yoga is an excellent choice for those who do not enjoy competitive sports, for losing weight, for relieving from pain etc. The newest trend when it comes to yoga is an underwater yoga. It can be practiced in shallow waters or deep waters with scuba equipment. To return to fashion, kaftans are an ideal piece of clothing for yoga practices outside. Kaftans are cute and practical clothing items you will love to wear.
Sportswear is another proof that fashion as an art form has no limits. We can’t wait what it will bring us in the future!