Far East Fashion Movement

The Far East Fashion Movement

Forever inspiring, exotic and exhilarating, with a culture and history so immensely rich that there seems to be no ending point. Asia has always been that mysterious part of Earth that many have collectively admired and hoped to get a chance to scratch even the surface of and understand just a little bit about what it has to offer. From philosophy, food and a distinct behavior to customs and art, Asia has given birth to some amazing dogmas and even more amazing people representing them.

One such grace is definitely fashion. In minds and then hands of Asian designers even the simplest of colors and designs become these awe-like pieces of desirable clothing. And while European and American catwalks have for most part celebrated Europe and US based designers, with the appearance of designers like Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Brandon Sun, Jason Wu, Son Jung Wan, J Koo, Karishma Jhalani and many other creative geniuses, the fashion arena has found it in its heart (and mind!) to embrace fashion visions of these Asia-based brilliant artists.

Alexander Wang

The Wang Gang!

photo by kleinstudio.us

We knew the world was ready for the Far East fashion glory when Alexander Wang got appointed a creative director of the Paris-based house of Balenciaga. Up to that point it was unthinkable for Europeans to give the fashion throne to anyone who doesn’t have “European blood”, particularly at a house in their own territory. But Mr. Wang, a true creative whiz kid and a true sportswear devotee, did something spectacular for the fashion world and is now believed to have a turnover of more than $20 million. This only set basis for other up and coming Asian designers and their fashion display on runways of both Europe and US.

With this inflow of Asian designers we’ve gotten a completely new idea of what fashion can be and ways it is viewed and fashioned depending on the culture behind it.

For the most part, before Asian designers took over, we were accustomed to sighing over fashion that was just that – fashion; pieces of brilliantly put together designs but hardly ever wearable anywhere outside the magazine covers or runways. Or, if wearable – then extremely expensive. Asian designers brought something we were all so happy to welcome with our arms open – the pret-a-porte fashion! Pret-a-porte is a synonym for ready to wear pieces and they can range from simple, everyday outfits to fabulous event-ready creations.

Splashes of color, loud patterns and intricate details, bold, angular cuts, ombre effects, florals, armour-like designs, kimonos and capes are just some of the Asian inspired designs we’ve seen. Plenty of non-Asian designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel (to name a few) loved the inspiration coming from the Far East and their successors like Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Kors (again, to name a few) have worked in Asian elements into their collections, aware of just how powerful a statement the Far East fashion is.


Nachiket Barve’s collection inspired by the Maori “Ta Moko” tattoos.

photo by portemode.com

Designs of fashion artists like 500 B.C, Jaewoo Kim, Nachiket Barve, Janavi, J Koo, Somarta and many others have become talks of the fashion-knowledgeable personas and voted definite aesthetic influencers for the upcoming season. Great news is that their collections can now be found online! In fact, celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers, stylists, socialites, models and “regular people” are all turning to Porte Mode for all Asian-inspired clothes, as this page is the IT Asian fashion hotspot. It’s so refreshing to know that these incredible clothing pieces are now just one click away!

Diversity at NYFW has always been a debatable matter but with plenty of Asian models, designers, models of color who are slowly but steadily finding their place at NYFW, it is ever so exciting to know that talent and novelty are what runs the story!
We are happy to see that the emerging Asian designers are being heard and established, continuing to have influence. After all, what they are offering – is brilliant.