Zoku Loft

Zoku – The End Of The Hotel Room As We Know It?

There’s a new brand launching today, aiming to reinvent the way we experience hotels. ‘Zoku’, which is Japanese for family, tribe, or clan have announced their new category of hotel, a home-office hybrid suitable for short weekend breaks or longer 3 month residences.

The ‘lofts’ are a sort of small, modular living system in response to the lack of space in popular urban areas and they shift the focus from the bed to the living and working spaces. The central feature becoming a four person table presenting the opportunity to wine, dine, work or entertain.

Hybrid-living meets compact-living – living large in a small space.


Zoku lofts are primarily aimed at the growing number of travelers that move around the globe whilst working at the same time. Often with a mix of work and play involved, the lofts will provide a community of like minded people living in the complex as well as the space to complete work comfortably with open-plan communal living and co-working spaces. Although available for short periods of time it seems the lofts are aimed more towards a temporary living experience rather than a short holiday break.

There’s no word yet on the pricing of the lofts but if placed reasonably they could be a great solution to those looking for semi-permanent spaces in popular cities when an airBNB doesn’t quite cut it or the idea of 3 months in a hotel is just, well 3 months in a hotel speaks for itself really doesn’t it.

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Zoku aim to launch in  a variety of the World’s most creative cities, starting with Amsterdam this Autumn. You can keep upto date with them @ Facebook / Twitter / Website.