Stattbad Odd Fantastic

Odd Fantastic @ Stattbad – This Week In Berlin

Saturday eve a super nice party is happening over in Wedding at our favourite former state swimming pool turned magical party venue/art space, Stattbad. Odd Fantastic, one of Berlins top booking agencies and all round great party throwers will be taking over and presenting an extraordinary evening of all things space and beyond. These guys will also be collaborating together with the legendary Dutch cult radio station, Intergalactic FM. If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, they are pretty much the dudes at the forefront of Dutch techno, new and old. Hailing from the Dutch West Coast the station is known for tackling and showcasing old, new, rare, and obscure sounds from italo disco to techno, horror soundtracks to house, and is online 24/7!!

First up we have the man that made Intergalactic FM possible, Mr Ferenc E. van der Sluijs aka I-F (Interr Ferrence). This boss stands in a league of his own with his assiduous and continuing devotion to all things music. Not only is he the driving force behind Intergalactic FM he also owns and runs two influential labels, Viewlexx and Murdercapital. His passion for sound runs rampant, possessing an endless love that always shines through in his exceptional DJ sets he performs across the globe. Joining him is his two main buddies that are also heavily involved in the station and highly respected amongst the scene. Firstly, David Vunk in which you may know as the owner of Moustache Records or maybe just his high energy sexy DJ sets, secondly, John Scheffer aka Intergalactic Gary another huge player in the radio and music scene.

Alongside the intergalactic crew are Odd Fantastic’s hot picks. Miles Whittaker, one of my personal favourite producers and selectors. This man is not only an extreme talent but also considered a mastermind when it comes to tackling not just one genre of music. You may know him from numerous side projects one being the dark and powerful ‘Demdike Stare’ or the more playful and energetic ‘Millie and Andrea’. Joining Whittaker is Bavarian born deep house connoisseur Christopher Rau. Rau is now based in Hamburg with a heavy association with Smallville Records; he also co-runs the Hamburg and Munich based record label Dérive Schallplatten. Lastly is Manchester born Dan Mumberson aka Juniper. Mumberson is also a huge enthusiast within the deep house scene and a super fine DJ to say the least.

This party is sure to be one of astronomical measures, these guys know how to run a serious party/quality radio station so you most definitely in safe hands for the evening.

I’ll leave you with two of my favourite boiler room sets, I-F and Miles Whittaker, both equally as awesome.