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Hardy Amies – A Lesson In City Styling

A man should look as though he has bought all his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care then forgotten all about them.

Sir Hardy Amies ABC of Men’s Fashion

Hardy Amies is a pioneer of men’s fashion. For those familiar with the name, he is perhaps best known as dresser to the Queen, though his impact on fashion history is goes far beyond this.

One of the founders of ready to wear clothes for men, Sir Hardy Amies’ embraced the spirit of the times and played his part in the seismic changes in men’s fashion that took place after the war.

“I feel that some of the success I have achieved in designing clothes for men… is because I have been able to become a bridge between men of the established classes and those who shop in the High Street.”

M Is For Masterpiece

Hardy Amies ABC Of Mens Fashion

First published in 1964, “ABC of men’s fashion” is a veritable style bible. It encapsulates Britain in the sixties and men’s fashion. The pitfalls and triumphs, told with wicked wit and incredible astuteness that leaves the reader both entertained and informed. Described as a “masterpiece” by Jeremy Langmead, editor-in-chief, MrPorter.com. It’s still as relevant today, as it was then. “I have applied his method to the digital world: the quest to look the perfect gentleman is an enduring one. Hardy Amies’ ABC may now be a period piece of publishing, but the spirit of the man lives on in the collection that still bears his name”.

Savile Row comes to Leeds

It’s not just London and well established online retailers that are fit for this fashion powerhouse. Hardy Amies is now available in Leeds. Well, it’s only right that Leeds with its rich history in textiles, that the brand make it a home. As you would expect the collection is an exquisite balance of traditional and ultra modern- sharp cotton shirts, exquisite feature jackets in luxury fabric and of course some seriously good suits.

This is still the basis of a man’s costume. It has been so for more than one hundred years, and has evolved itself rather than designed deliberately. As such it must be respected.. it is a second skin which he has placed pockets.

Sir Hardy Amies ABC of Men’s Fashion

The new Spring/Summer 2015 collection: Interiors

The new Spring/Summer collection is heavily influenced by 1970s interior designer William Haines. Haines and Amies became friends, and the pair embarked on sailing trips on the West coast of England. Mehmet Ali, Hardy Amies Design Director, research the Haines archive which uncovered woven chevron effect upholstery swatches and wallpaper cuttings depicting a ‘printed grid’ amongst a further wealth of prints, which Haines designed exclusively for Sir Hardy.

“We began by exploring a substantial body of work from Hardy’s interior design collection, specifically focusing on the prints of Hardy’s own range from the 1970s and the influence of interior designer William Haines. This formed the beginnings of the story and provided an interesting colour palette to work with.”

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Your capsule summer wardrobe

Hardy Amies spring/ summer 2015 collection is the perfect ready to wear capsule summer wardrobe. Balancing aesthetics with function and updating the iconic ABC of Men’s Fashion by catering to a Modern London (or indeed Leeds) lifestyle, whilst still embodying the essence of Savile Row tailoring.

Situated on the menswear floor in Harvey Nichols, Leeds and online.

Images and quote sources courtesy of Hardy Amies and hardyamies.com and ABC of Men’s Fashion