dj sprinkles at salon zur wilden renate

DJ Sprinkles @ Salon zur Wilden Renate – This Week In Berlin

Across the river from Treptower Park lies an unrenovated apartment block turned mega fun club, Salon zur Wilden Renate. It hosts multiple floors with multiple rooms offering many opportunities to get up to all kinds of fun. The best way to describe the vibe is by imagining a ridiculously outrageous house party with all the right people for all the right reasons with pumping house/tech house music flooding through the rooms. If your lucky enough to be there when the sun graces us with its presence a large outdoor courtyard is open during the summer, which includes a long wooden cabin with another bar, DJ booth and more room for dancing.

This Friday night an incredible force is taking over Renate. Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles will be honouring us with her presence and for those that are familiar with her you know this means big things. Thaemlitz is something of a true rebel in modern club culture. A transgender DJ and creator of many things she is known for tackling themes that are usually quite foreign in electronic music confronting issues of gender, sexuality, race and class. Nineteen albums and multiple monikers into her 20-year career, Sprinkles has managed to construct a somewhat political dialogue within her music that’s hard to find anywhere else in dance music today. We usually associate electronic or dance music with a sound but for Sprinkles think more along the lines of an essay like journey that is often expressed through other outlets wether that be via an instrument, a speech, a poem, an essay, a file or numerous other channels. To give you an example, in 2012, she released Soulnessless, the world’s first full-length MP3 album, one of the tracks, “Meditation on Wage Labor and the Death of the Album,” is a twenty-nine-hour-long piano solo; the album comes on a micro SD card, and includes eighty minutes of video art and one hundred and fifty pages of Thaemlitz’s writing, translated into nine languages. WOW.

Joining Sprinkles is UK born Ben Williams aka Gatto Fritto known for his super groovy, downright jammy electronic music. Next up is a dude who goes by the name, Gratts, a super rad DJ out of Belgium who has 15 years under his belt of touring and gaining a stance for himself as a fine ass DJ. Accompanying these legends is some of Germany’s finest, namingly Samanta Fox, Paramida, Peak & Swift, Sebastian Voigt and Koksi Chantale.

This night will be special, make sure your wearing your groove boots. Here is a classic track remixed by Sprinkles, pure, simple, PERFECT… if this doesn’t get you grooving I don’t know what will.