ipse dj jus ed

DJ Jus Ed @ IPSE – This Week In Berlin

As the delicious taste of summer is creeping its way back into Berlin, one by one the highly anticipated open-air venues/parties are popping back up for our pleasure. This weekend marks the first birthday/opening of super rad venue, IPSE. Located in a little nook amongst the Kreuzberg clubzone, (walking distance from Club der Visionare and Chalet) you will find a space sporting a somewhat organic approach, recycled wood, doors, chairs and an INCREDIBLE outdoor space where you find yourself sitting on the water, most probably with a beer in hand, the sun above your head and some luscious beats flowing through your ears. Now doesn’t that sound oh so pleasant?

Friday eve will see one of the biggest legends/ veterans in house music taking over the venue, Mr Edward McKeithen aka DJ Jus Ed. You may be familiar with him via his exceptional record label Underground Quality or just his ridiculously smooth and sexy approach to all things house. With a huge career dating back to the early 80s when he first started DJing, it wasn’t till his come back in 2001 when things started getting serious.

2005 saw the creation of his memorable record label and from there he has carved a solid presence within the house and techno scene of today. Jus Ed has a special way with his crowd, known for his deep and soulful sets all wrapped in warmth with a cheeky smile and sparkle in his eye.

His sets have captured & educated audiences all the way from his hometown in Bridgeport, Connecticut to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This boss also holds down a weekly internet radio show on myhouseyourhouse.net every Wednesday at 7-9pm EST. The Underground Quality Radio Show currently holds a cult like status with producers and record fiends alike tuning in every week to sample some of that quality deep house that he has become known and loved for all over the world.

The party starts at 8pm and he will be sure to bring a few pals along to keep the vibe going to the early hours of Saturday. If your keen to keep the party rolling Saturday eve will see the first birthday in full swing with numerous special guests and DJ’s taking you on a sun drenched journey all the way through to Monday morning.

Ill leave you with a silky smooth mix Jus Ed did a couple of years back for the Boiler Room/Warehouse Project that will most definitely get you in a sexy sassy mood for Friday. Enjoy.