lobster theramin panorama bar

Lobster Theremin @ Panorama Bar – This Week In Berlin

Thursday eve at Panorama Bar is going to be of large proportions, the lobsters are in town and are gracing us with their presence in a one night dedication to the killer London based imprint we all know as, Lobster Theremin. Having become one of the most talked about record labels in the city it’s curated and run by a dude that goes by the name of Jimmy Asquith. This legend kicked things off in 2013 with Palmtrax’s classic Equation EP since then the label has gone onwards and upwards with 23 releases in less then 18 months.

The label has caught people’s attention with a stream of releases that showcase the tremendous potential and talent of some lesser known artists who’s ideas and production are somewhat delving into and offering listeners something distinct and different. There is definitely a large influence stemming from Detroit techno and Chicago house. Raw, analogue techno, old-school rave and luscious, warm house are all sounds that have been brought to the table, every release holding a balance of deep dark soundscapes alongside uplifting euphoric energies that lures us all in.

First up we have the pleasure of seeing the Lobster boss, Asquith in full force, with what I’m sure will be a delicious set filled with all kinds of goodies. Next up is Panthera Krause, live! Originally hailing from Leipzig, a smaller city about an hour and half from Berlin, his passion for all things music sprouted from a weekly radio show where Panthera had the joy of sharing the music he loved which he had discovered via local record shops or his fathers record collection. It was September 2014 that saw his first release through the lobsters, titled Rules this EP was jammed packed full of contagious housey goodness with an abundance of groove. Panthera’s sound is amicable, bouncy and natural with a hint of sass.

Joining this legend is Budapest producer, Route 8.  This guy has been making a name for himself through his focus on analog equipment creating back to basics house productions. His records possess a distinct musicality and flow; from that raw jacking house sound to spacey outlandish feels. Having just released his incredible EP This Raw Feeling in February this year, this guy is literally on fire and will be sure to bring the best of vibes. Next up is the mysterious Australian producer Brenton Nuubian aka Daze. His release debut took place in July last year and was nothing short of exceptional. He covers varied strains of hard-hitting old school breakbeat to melodic house, even venturing into the acid techno realm. He has just recently released his follow up EP Neuromance, which you could say has a little bit more oomph to it, vast and dark techno sounds with huge rave like overtones and acid notes filtering throughout.

Another producer hailing from Budapest, Imre Kiss will be joining these lads. He released his debut record via Lobster Theremin in July last year and it’s a beauty. His style is heavily focused on soundscapes and patterns of the dreamy and spooky kind, his sound is extremely deep and highly emotive transporting us to an unknown realm or new reality, really special stuff.

To give you an idea of what’s install for your Thursday eve, below is an incredible mix from Mr Asquith himself that he kindly did for Mixmag a few months ago. Go on and treat your ears, its dope. See you Thursday.