Louche chalet Valentines

Louche Valentines Special @ Chalet – This Week In Berlin

Louche Valentines ChaletThis weekend is Berlin is a very exceptional one to say the least, jam-packed with some super fine parties all weekend long. Some of you may be familiar with Louche parties, starting out in 2007 as a small party amongst friends it has since matured into one of the most prominent parties in the UK.

Their events in Leeds and London offer the UK an insight into a delicious assortment of high-class electronic music. The next Louche party will be taking place in Berlin at one of Kreuzberg’s famous clubs, Chalet. Based right in the centre of Kreuzberg, the building has survived two world wars, built back in 1859. When you enter you get a supreme sense of nostalgia backed up with some luscious old school interior that makes you instantly feel comfortable. The most magical part is the enchanted fairy tale garden filled with colourful lanterns, fishponds and there is usually a massive fire cranking out the back.

Headlining this exceptional party is much loved house master Prosumer and his partner in crime Murat Tapeli. Achim Brandenburg aka Prosumer originally from Germany now currently based in Edinburgh, he is one of Europe’s much loved and highly renowned DJs and producers. Prosumer is known for his amazing taste in music and his incredible knack for connecting old school classics with new found house bangas behind the decks. Just a few months ago saw the launch of his very first record label Potion, co founded with his favourite pal Murat Tapeli. Coming from a large hip hop influence, Tapeli started DJing back in the 90s, spinning tracks from the likes of De La Soul and Pharcyde. Always showing a fine interest in house music, over the years Tapelis style and focus became primarily that. Tapeli is known for his exceptional energy he brings to his shows. Keeping it playful yet emotive, he really is a treat to watch. This sums up Tapeli rather nicely, taking directly from the man himself.

“I love it when the dancefloor is magnetised by a simple and sexy baseline and then groovy percussion picks you up and drives you to ecstasy. When you close your eyes, a voice touches your soul, you start to sing along and then a smile, sometimes even a tear, appears on your face, that’s when you lose yourself and your emotions in the music. That is the foundation of my house.”

Joining this super crew is one of Germanys awesome record collectors and players, Flavio Diners and last but not least some of the legends that are at the forefront of these Louche parties, Brinsley, Dylan Thompson and Josh Tweek.

Here’s a tasty mix to get you warmed up for Saturday eve, taken from a mix Prosumer did for Tim Sweeney’s radio show Beats in Space several months ago, if you listen carefully, around 23 mins in you can catch the first track released through Prosumer’s and Tapeli’s label Potion, its mega!!

You can RSVP on Facebook here.