Hedone Berlin 2015

Hēdonē @ Bertrams – This Week In Berlin

There is a rad new party kicking off in Berlin this weekend, Hēdonē is the name; the first edition will be taking place this Saturday at Bertrams. Hēdonē is a Greek word depicting ‘the ultimate quest for pleasure in all forms’, put this into context and that is exactly what the guys behind this party are going for, using music as the ultimate channel. August 2014 saw the opening of Betrams described as the ‘new dark underground techno cellar’. If you’re familiar with Loftus Hall then you’re just about there, this techno-fuelled dungeon is situated right on the banks of the canals on the border of Kreuzberg and Neukolln. It is literally, directly underneath Loftus Hall. With its incredible sound system and intimate space and surroundings the venue is extremely fitting to the underlying concept of this party.

The concept came from two up and coming legends in the techno game namely, Vincent Vidal and Mathieu Gaydu – two Frenchmen originally hailing from Paris but now based in Berlin. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys a few months ago and apart from being super cool dudes they really know what they’re talking about when it comes to techno. You may know Vidal from his solid association with [BP] crew who host some pretty amazing parties in Paris. Both Vidal and Gaydu will be playing at this event and you can expect some great things. Vidal’s newest EP Ritual via Italian record label ARTS was just released a few days ago and its huge. Vidal’s sound is power charged but perfectly refined. Gaydu goes under the name Daatsu and possesses a slightly different style with big roaring baselines and crackling snares, big stuff!

Joining these two is Myk Derill, born and based in Berlin. His most recent release was his Numbers EP in July 2014 via Knotweed Records a French based record label. Dark, raw and seriously powerful are just some words used to describe this guy’s production. Joining him is Elad Magdasi, another German lad who possesses some fine skills in the production department. One of his newest tracks titled Finger Trip was actually used by Dettmann and Klock in one of their recent sets, this track is due to be released very shortly alongside a remix by Matrixxman via a new German based record label, Front Left Records. Check out the link at the bottom of the page to get your ears around this solid track. His production is quite acid influenced, really spacey and old school charged. Elad will be sure to bring a slightly different, yet super rad vibe to the party.

I’ll leave you with a taste of Vidal’s newly released EP. Absolute quality. Do yourself a favor and check out this incredible party. See you Saturday.

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