Iris Apfel

Meet Iris, 93 Year Old Filmstar And Fashion Icon

When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else.

Iris Apfel

Forget your Kendal Jenners and Jennifer Lawrences. There is another name to watch in 2015, which is arguably cooler. And it belongs to a 93 year old.

“Iris” is a film/documentary that has been described by critics as a “joyous celebration of creativity and razor-sharp wit sustained into old age”.

The film, set for release this year, explores the wit and wisdom of the main protagonist, Iris Apfel. Iris’ eclectic outfits, outspoken views and jaunts around the world, will make it an intriguing watch and make her younger Hollywood counterparts appear positively dull by comparison.

For those who are unititiated into Iris’ world, Iris Apfel is a business woman, writer, fashion consultant and interior designer. A prominent figure on the New York fashion scene; she is revered by bloggers and industry insiders all over the world.
Armed with a pithy one- liner and a wardrobe of exotic prints, Iris may be old in years but she has single-handedly redefined what it means to be “cool”. There are few who can say they have graced the cover of Dazed and Confused magazine or collaborated with MAC make up, over the age of 60.

Iris Apfel

The daughter of a New York boutique owner, in 1948, Iris married Carl Apfel, and two years later they founded international textile firm, Old World Weavers, which they ran until 1992. During her time at the firm she undertook several design and restoration projects which included the White House.

As a young fashion journalist Iris devoted much of her time to scouring thrift stores, boutiques, and fashion houses worldwide – a pastime she adores today. Outfits that shouldn’t go together, just work, and as for those infamous glasses, they serve to highlight a love of accessories that are less than delicate.

Iris’ style and panache are a clear lesson that if you choose your attitude you can do anything and barriers can be broken.

I’m a geriatric starlet. All of a sudden I’m hot, I’m cool, I have a fan base

Iris Apfel

“Iris” is set for a theatrically release in 2015 and has been summarised by critics as .“A thoroughly enjoyable riff, which should charm clotheshorses and nudists alike” . Go see it and prepared to change your opinion on “cool”.