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Deep Fried ://about blank – This Week In Berlin

Deep Fried BerlinThis Friday eve in Berlin a super nice party will take place at the formally illegal, multi room club better known as ://about blank. You jump straight off the Ostrkeuz Bahnof and take a short stroll down the giant stairs and there you will find it. If you’re familiar with Salon Zur Wilde Renate another fabulous party venue, then your almost there, these two are just a short walk away from each other.

The guys at ://about blank have been hosting this party, Deep Fried for a few years now and you can expect only great things. They have put together a delicious line-up of all things deep house and techno. First on the list is Tony Lionni, originally from the UK, now based in Berlin this guy knows how to groove. Heavily influenced by the likes of Theo Parrish and Kerri Chandler, need I say more? Next on the line-up is Katsuya Sano. Starting out as a DJ in the 80s when disco was in full force. This Japanese boss knows what’s up. With over 20 years experience in the scene he has the ability to incorporate house classics and disco with his new sound, effortlessly. Also on the line-up we have the pleasure of seeing Steve Summers, live. New York based performer, producer and DJ, he released his first record via Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S label, under his Malvoeaux alias in 2010. Since then he has been producing music under many other names also developing his own record label, Confused House with another pal who goes by the name Bookworms. Last but not least Berlin based legends, Schoppen Wittes back to back with Ron Wilson.

You can expect this night to go well into the following afternoon and/or evening. Get ready for some deep dark house and techno vibes. And bring a big jacket, the venue has got an awesome outside area, it will be bloody cold and if your lucky there might be a giant bonfire raging out the back.

Here’s a track to get you in the mood, a fairly new release from Steve Summers via Russian Torrent Versions label. Lots of tripped out techno goodness for the ears. Enjoy.