Anton Barbeau – Clubbing In Berlin

When Anton sent me through a few links to his music back in the summer I knew Clubbing In Berlin was something special, I listened to the track on repeat and it continued to play in my head for weeks. Amongst his other work, Clubbing In Berlin takes Anton back to his earliest synth-pop roots, himself claiming it to be “half self-deprecating commentary on life as an ex-pat/eternal tourist,” half infectious electro Instant Hit.” 

“I think it’s turned out quite a beautiful little film. I’d originally imagined something garish and Euro-pop, bright 80’s coloUrs and me in a stark white tight-suit, being, all, like, German und ting, but this is much more organic,” says Anton.

Clubbing In Berlin is out now on BEEHIVE Records.

You can follow Anton on Facebook and Soundcloud.