No Gloss Film Festival

No/Gloss Film Festival 2014 – Update

With less than a month to go, now seems the perfect time for the next big infodump to get us even more excited than we already were for this year’s No/Gloss Film Festival. They’ve even been so kind to release a new trailer to tease us with promises of good times through the medium of sexy images of Leeds.

No Gloss Film Festival 2014 Promotional Trailer from Tom Chimiak on Vimeo.

10516630_603842249733395_1590490396197015290_n The completed programme has now been released, so we can all get seeing where those annoying clashes are going to happen and if we’re ever gonna find time to eat and dose on coffee inbetween flicks. Even just skim-reading through the synopses for all the films on show is enough to get you excited. We were pretty lax in checking out the documentary screenings last year, as we got too darn comfy in the main film room. Won’t be making that mistake again. We’re also happy to see Brew Dog will be bring the booze again this year, as well as some salivation-inducing street food in the Spanish stylings of Las Paelleras and wood-burned traditional pizzas from Streatza. The programme also reveals the first hints at what will be happening around the screenings, which in this case happens to be some very exciting stuff.

Not least of which is the announcement of the workshops they will be running, for both budding filmmakers and the curious and media savvy in general. The Progressing From Shorts To Features panel is bound to be of interest to anyone fresh from film school and their short form final pieces. The step up from five minute masterpiece to hour-and-a-half, two or even three hours is a massive one, especially in terms of the huge amount of extra time and how to now waste it on nothing and superfluous filler. Luckily, the panel are all dab hands at making that step. Rob Savage is not only part of the No/Gloss Official Selection this year with his film Strings, but can also claim to have won the prestigious Screen International Star of Tomorrow. On the verge of a hopefully fruitful career, he’ll be able to impart advice on how it feels to be at such a stage and how to get yourselves there. Joining him are Zoe Sailsman-Asghar, owner of Sophia Pictures and director of the featured Longing, as well as Iqbal Mohammed, the man behind Dynamiq Films and director of the also selected Revisited. Expect sage advice aplenty regards the advantages and pitfalls of long over short form filmmaking.


Indiegogo’s new revolutionary-inspired crowdfunding tactics. Or a still from Griechenland (Greece).

No/Gloss have also had something of a coup in securing, fresh-faced off the back of their Go Crowdfund Britain Tour, an informative financially-minded talk from Indiegogo UK. Their UK Marketing and Community Manager Anastasia Emmanuel will be schooling us in how Indiegogo, along with its other crowdfunding compatriots/competitors, is disrupting the traditional channels for film funding but in doing so opening up new avenues for new filmmakers, avenues that give anyone with a vision worth making the ability to get it made where perhaps they would have struggled in the past. Capture the collective imagination and they will pay to see your end product before you’ve even committed the first frame to celluloid. They put your fate in your hands, empowering you as a result. While the focus will naturally be on film funding and how best to go about that, it will have a certain generalisability that makes this workshop a must attend for anyone wanting to undertake their novel project and get the public behind them, from photography exhibitions, magazine publishing to garden snail painting. Or making a potato salad.

jon morterAnd last but not least we have a workshop that all we social media whores will be very interested in, filmmakers or not. We at Shlur are very much looking forward to what oughta be a very interesting talk from New York Times-dubbed “social media hellraiser” Jon Morter, the man behind the insanely successful Rage Against The Machine For Xmas No.1 campaign which I’m sure we all remember either with great fondness or great annoyance at how ubiquitous and inescapable the fucking thing was. He’ll be speaking about social media and giving a workshop in successful uses of it, how to go about making the right noises that get you noticed and other people interested. Given what he pulled off, there’s bound to be some damn good knowledge being imparted here. Assuming he doesn’t keep the best stuff for himself.


Now ain’t this a lot to get excited about. And we at Shlur haven’t even discussed the films yet! Check back in over the coming weeks for our big film preview with our personal choices of films to see and our look at the non-filmic offerings there to distract you from the silver screen. You’re excited to be a part of it! We’re excited to be a part of it! Let’s do this.