no gloss film festival 2014

No/Gloss Film Festival 2014 Preview

After the sell-out success of last year’s venture at the warehouse dance hall of Canal Mills which we at Shlur had great fun at, No/Gloss International Film Festival returns for its third year and another two full days of cinephilic pleasure.

temple works no gloss

Changing location to yet another repurposed former mill, on October 11th and 12th the faux-Egyptian facade of Temple Works Leeds will house a stellar programme of films in both long and short form from all the corners of the globe. The range of genres and subject matters is as always both alluring and intimidating, with everything from horror to psychological drama to comedy on show. We’ll detail more of what you can expect from the programme in the coming weeks building up, but by way of tantalisation:

Leeds Independent Film Festival 2014 Trailer from No Gloss on Vimeo.

Their new venue, which once boasted The Largest Room In The World (yep, really), has allowed them to expand on the satellite activities orbiting around the film screenings. Taking full advantage of the increased space, No/Gloss will now include live music, a spacious outdoors food court and an even more impressive roster of art and visuals for those suffering from film fatigue to explore. And all this while still feeling like an illegal intellectual warehouse party that could and will just up and leave without a trace come the morn, leaving you moved, confused and hungry for more.


Two screening rooms, two days, a shitload of entertainment. I can’t wait for all this awesome to go down. Tickets are running low but still available here and at a mere £20 are an absolute steal. For more details, check out the website and be sure to headover to the Facebook event page.