Spreepark Berlin

Abandoned Places I: Spreepark Theme Park Berlin

I finally made it around to Spreepark, in Berlin, after wanting to go for so long. For those of you that don’t know, Spreepark was a theme park built around 50 years ago, yet became abandoned back in 2001. And its remained largely untouched since then. Of course, in its waning days as an active theme park it became a mere afterthought, since its become more of a place of lore, a sight of exploration for Berlin’s (and the world’s) explorers.

Unknown to me until after my visit, the insolvent holder of the lease just completed the sale of the grounds back to the City of Berlin. The park is now complete with (I’m told) increased security, and could be completely dismantled at any time. It seems the surrounding residents are looking for it to be built into a small quiet park along the Spree.

The increased security didn’t do that great of a job, as we were able to explore the park for a little over an hour before being whisked out by two gruff guards and a rather intimidating looking dog on a chain leash. Could’ve been the dog that sniffed us out, or the ruckus we were causing by manually operating the teapot ride (Photos below). Although, that couldn’t have been as obvious as the two or three guys somehow manually operating the giant ferris wheel. We saw it moving and as we got closer realized there were a few guys climbing on it, it’s still a mystery to me how the entire wheel was rotating at such a decent pace.

All told, it was an interesting visit, and I’ll be sad when it goes. But it seems my desire to visit old abandoned buildings and sites is only just beginning.

Spreepark 1

The path towards the park.

Spreepark 2

Just inside the gate we see the train tracks, which make an appearance throughout the entire park.

Spreepark 3

The first ride.

Spreepark 5

This looks like something from the southwest United States.

Spreepark 6


Spreepark 11

Across the swamp it goes go.

Spreepark 12

No, I didn’t venture inside, although the train would have.

Spreepark 22

Who cares Be poor…

Spreepark 24

Zeke’s Shack

Spreepark 28

I’m assuming this looked a lot different back in the day.

Spreepark 29


Spreepark 34


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