Fred Butler

Welcome To The Weird And Wonderful World of Fred Butler

Fred Butler is a London-based designer who creates pieces for fashion shoots, such as tailor made props and accessories, to add a unique dimension to an editorial shoot. Prominent at this year’s London Fashion week, she is one to watch.

Fred also makes accessories for Lady Gaga. No, not the meat dress, as interesting as that would be to cover, but the famous telephone head piece from the video of the same name.
Fred Butler’s designs cross the boundaries between art fashion and design so you can see why Gaga likes them so much.

Her accessories are sugary sweet, colourful and incorporate geometry and graphics beautifully. Futuristic and retro at the same time, which is a hard balance to strike – think Alice in wonderland meets space odyssey.

Butler describes her pieces as “Wearable sculpture, intricate textures, material manipulation, graphic shape and pattern, strong colour contrast with black and white highlights, iridescence and metallics.”

Fred Butler









And on her ideal client – “Anyone who enjoys enhancing their look with an exciting addition to an outfit.”
If your style is akin to that of Lady Gaga (not many of us then) or are just curious to find out more, visit the website and step into the weird and wonderful world of Fred Butler.