Strietman Wall Mounted Espresso

The Strietman Wall Mounted Espresso Machine, ES3

Wouter Strietman is a designer of espresso machines and other coffee related products, based in the Netherlands. Aimed at the household market the design principles focus on quality craftsmanship with simple and reliable engineering, designed to last forever.

Their new ES3 is a hand operated, wall mounted espresso machine with a beautiful copper on birch design. Being wall mounted the device takes up no counter space and can be situated at ideal height for its hand operated functionality. The hand operation allows for a traditional, highly accurate (in the right hands) method of pulling espresso based drinks. Having first been developed on the 50’s the hand pull method is not seen on many modern machines and in the ES3 a collum of hot water is manually pressed through the coffee by means of a piston. Strietman claims that the “procedure provides the perfect espresso,” and along with the open boiler design and removable components makes for a relatively low maintenance machine. The boiler is electric and has to be filled manually through the top of the device holding up to 350CC of water at a time.

Es3 Espresso Machine

The Es3 is bundled with a wall-mount frame for easy installment, 3 filter baskets and a double spout for 2 cups , a custom tamper and an anti dust lid. The ES3 is available for pre-order now over on the Strietman Website at €1250 (just over £1000) excluding VAT and shipping.