Sounds of Shlur #9 Apr ’14

It’s been a stressful month at Shlur. We’ve all been very busy juggling work and work and more work with not much time for a social life in between the chaos. We thought to ourselves, “What’s the best way to relieve some stress through music?” The answer is of course, techno. We start this months playlist with some Head High, Ben Sims, Polar Inertia and Pfirter. Head High’s booming percussion and ambient melodies actually come across in a very relaxing manor on “Rave” whilst “I Feel It Deep” by Sims is a classic 5am techno tune, only to be experienced at extreme volumes in extreme states of mind. If you’ve not heard much from Pfirter before it’s about time you did. The South American based producer’s career spans over a decade and cover all forms of techno subgenres. His remix of Bas Mooy’s Odd Rok is a great example of his style.

We bring it back to reality a bit with the quintessential summer style drum and bass hit, “Tearing Me Apart” by our recent interviewee, Hugh Hardie. Clean pianos, crisp rhythms, double bass, bass, a catchy vocal line, this one is guaranteed to make you want to pack up a backpack full of booze, grab a joint, head down the park with your mates and get smashed in the sun. Beautiful.

The massive, Anavae feature next with their colossal single, “Anti-Faith,” which lead us nicely into two pop punk newcomers to get us nicely in the mood for Slam Dunk Festival at the end of this month. I bet you didn’t think we’d go from Pfirter to Post Season and Real Friends in 2 songs, did you? Don’t pretend it didn’t work. Real Friends and Post Season are two of the best up and coming pop punk bands knocking around at the moment. Keep your eyes fixated, they are bound to blow up.

You can as always listen to our Sounds of Shlur playlist on Spotify using this link or the web player below.