Paris Padlocks

Love, Padlocks And Two Angry Americans

Made poignant by Carrie’s acceptance of Mr Big’s proposal of Sex and the City (stay with me) the padlock covered bridges of Paris have become something of a new age tourist attraction.

Visit any of the love locked bridges, including the one at Notre Dame, and you will find scores of gooey eyed couples attaching their padlock to the bridge’s railings, hoping to symbolically secure their love.  The key from the lock is then thrown into the river below, thus sealing the deal forever. Followed by the obligatory selfie of course.

Or not quite forever. We visited the Love Lock bridge at Pont de l’Archevêché whilst a new petition for full padlock removal  is in full flow, instigated by two American women.  Angered by what the lock’s strain could do to the bridges the women have waged a war on the wooing, and since its launch in February the petition has reportedly amassed 1,700 signatures.

Yet this new tradition shows no sign of slowing down and defiant tourists are attaching their padlocks to the railings alongside the 700,000 locks already present.

What do you think? Structural safeguarding or should love (or metallic tourist attractions) be left well alone?