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The Good The Bad And The Ugly


…it’s just about the ugly.

There is no good, or bad, in our society. God has long since been murdered, his corpse stomped upon and danced around, his desecrated body buried in a shallow grave and pissed on by the rejoicing atheists and mourned by the weeping and still hopeful faithful of the world’s religions. Without god, without the devine good there cannot be any evil, there cannot be bad, if there is no good, everything simply; is. But there can be ugly for there is beauty, I have seen it, I have touched it and felt it. I know there is beauty. And fuck knows I know there is ugly.

This piece is not about religion, or god, or faith, for I have none, but it is about the ugly, the people, who are objectively unquestionably ugly, unattractive, without character, self control who simply slide through their lives like some obese moribund snails on their way to the salt mines. How you disgust me, how you make me swallow my own vomit when I stand in the store behind you and watch your fat useless lard ass buy two six packs of two litre cocoa cola bottles. How your fat hair, outdated style (not that I care about styles, but you obviously did at some point, but just stuck with whatever was “in” when you were young, never renewing yourself, never showing an interest in contemporary culture after you read your first and last magazine when you were 15), you’re disgusting. The world would be better off if you jumped of a balcony, that is, if you have enough muscles in those fat tree trunks you call legs to get yourself high enough up the stairs.
Where I live, there is a shopping mall. I only go there for when I need household essentials that I cannot get anywhere else. Like a toilet brush or pesticide. When I do go there I must always drink a few beers first, I take a deep breath, and storm through the revolting revolving doors while my clammy fists clutch a crudely scribbled shopping list. Usually by the time I get to the store inside this gigantic social experiment my hands are so sweaty the salty discharge has left the inked note completely illegible. So I grab some stuff I think I need and get in line with the other “humans”. I see old men following their wives like lap dogs, I see old women walking, wobbling from side to side, like a bucket in the ocean, repeatedly beaten by the waves, I see muslim women, who have no character or personality behind their veiled faces, who let their kids run amok and have no understanding of raising a child. Especially boys, who they let do whatever they want, fat shitty kids, crying, and mothers looking embarrassed. If your little six year old shit has the power to make you embarrassed, if he knows that in public you will not reprimand him, he will use this to his advantage like a paedophile charity worker handing out food in Africa. And then the muslim men; bearded (I actually quite like beards) and either looking mean and angry at the world around them, walking ahead of their family, as if they are trying to get away from them, or, the younger version, being spellbound by their more liberated female counterpart; you can tell there is an explosion waiting to happen in the muslim community, as the women become liberated and the young men wield less power in their family units; shit will fucking go off.

Today I saw a young muslim girl on the tube reading Oscar Wilde, what will that lead too? I would really pay a lot (If I had any money) to see the end of that story… I hope she fucks a woman… a muslim women. I hope they fall in love, and do each other with gigantic strap-on’s while wearing their burqua’s (I don’t know how to spell that.. and really I can’t be fucked to look it up.. shoot me) ironically. I hope they adopt a little African kid and a Chinese kid, and they too are gay and their whole family would be a big gigantic, enormous middle finger in moulded in steel at the world. Fuck you. I salute you.

But the ugly. The descendants of the cowards who played dead in the trenches, the children of idiots who had nine children, the pious, the worker ants, the mud folk, the ones who built the Chinese wall, the pyramids, the ones who lay the cobblestones and fed the horses, dug in the mines. Sometimes I’ll see some young mother, unkempt, pushing a trolley with a screaming kid, feeding it chocolate and coca cola to shut it up, yelling at her equally stupid friend on the phone, piercing in the eyebrow, makeup smeared on her face like she gave a monkey fifty cent and a bucket of paint and said, “give me the derelict barn door”. And I think, someone actually fucked you? Someone was either that drunk that it is plausible it would be found to be rape in a court of law, or equally ugly, desperate, horny, small dicked or all of the above to actually hump your dung heap of a living human corpse long enough to cum inside and make you pregnant? For fuck sake, just shoot yourselves already. Please, for the sake of the unborn baby, and the ugly shit kids it will have one day too, the never ending dripping of kids that splat onto the earth like diarrhoea drops from a sick cows ass, splats onto the surface reeks for its entire existence, goes cold and hard, and another foul drop comes out and splats on top of it and on and on it goes, the dripping of the ugly.
p.s I refuse to write muslim, devine or god with a capital first letter, they are only words, and deserve no more respect than any other word.