Anna Morley

Anna Morley – Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer

Anna Morley is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Australia, currently residing and performing in Berlin. Having been a performer for over 20 years and writing for 6, Anna completed her musical studies in Australia and lived in Barcelona for 7 years. A love of the city was never forgotten but when it came time to move on, Anna packed up her life, chucked it in a van and made her way to the German capital.

“I’ve been lucky enough to perform with many amazing musicians from back home and around the world but this year I’ve decided to focus on my solo set for the first time.” Anna’s solo work is driven by electro-acoustic vibes with the inclusion of a wide range of acoustic percussion based instruments, violins and beautiful vocals sitting comfortably against electronic sounds and (sometimes) drums in her work. The relaxed feelings emitted by this unique style of music whilst being technically very complex are extremely enjoyable.

We caught up to speak with Anna ahead of her first solo show in Berlin at Madame Claude on the 15th of May.

Who and what do you take inspiration from?
I’m inspired by so much around me that I see, hear and feel. Music and nature are the big ones but I’m also inspired by the everyday of things, like moments of awkwardness or the way an orange smells when you first cut into it. Life, I guess you’d call it.

You’re from Australia, what was the process and idea behind moving to Berlin?
There was just the idea: move to Berlin! I had been living in Barcelona for 7 years and although I loved it there I felt like it was time to move on. So my man and I packed up our lives, threw it all in a van and made our way to Berlin.

How do you find the scene for your unique style of music in Berlin?
I feel fortunate and humbled that Berlin seems to embrace my music. I feel musically it’s a progressive and open-minded place.

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How did you find the recording and writing process of your 3rd album, Water Door? Any different than your previous releases?
The writing process was the same as my previous albums, slowly chipping away at pieces until I feel they are ready for the big recording session. As always, I worked alongside Alex Forster on the recording and production. This time I also had musician Jorge da Rocha join us during recording.

What are your live performances like?
I like to think they somehow capture the listener’s imagination, and hopefully take them away, somewhere… I aim for glazed-eyed expressions.

What’s your favourite venue to play?
Anywhere where there’s enough space for the vibes! And where audiences are respectful with noise during the performance, that’s important to me.

What’s been your favourite show you have played? Why?
I’m not sure I have a favourite, but I do have a fond memory of my debut album launch. There were six of us all huddled on this tiny stage in an art gallery in Barcelona. Half way through “After All” the power cuts in the entire room and somehow we just kept going with the few instruments we could still hear. Ten seconds later everything comes back on in time with the music. It was such a mixture of relief, joy and hilarity.

What have you got lined up in the future?
Right now I’m working on the music for my next album. I’m pleased with how it’s sounding so far. I’m also planning a solo tour this summer alongside Berlin-based musician, Cyann. We’ll be playing shows around Germany, France and hopefully more places!

Do you have any other hobbies/interests?
I love to cook, daydream and watch movies.

Water Door Cover - Anna MorleyYou can download Anna’s track, “Not Letting Go” from her latest album Water Door for free, exclusively on with this link.