The Fever

Nipple Tape and Electro Blues Punk Rock – The Fever Interview

The Fever are Coco Tigler and Teut Deese and have been for 3 years. The multi national duo reign from LA and Berlin respectively and having met in America recently decided that Germany shall be their home, at least for the time being. Coco had lived in Santa Monica all her life and decided it was time for an adventure to Berlin.

As a teenager, Teut ,”sang in hardcore bands with corny names like  “Grapes of Rape” or “Bastard In Lovem,” now, The Fever play an electro-blues-punk-rock sound inspired by “all kinds of media within the pop culture-orbit, but also from everyday noise in the city. Rhythm of life, you know?”

“Playing-wise I like straight-forward, aggressive, riff-based guitar players like James Williamson or Link Wray,” explains Teut. Coco draws inspiration from “a lot of old blues music – Robert Johnson & Son House, but also electronic stuff – like Kraftwerk, The Faint or Ladytron.”

Their single, Cheap Tattoo, encompasses these sounds, with the repetitive, fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs rounded up with Coco’s bluesy styled vocals. A catchy chorus reminscent of early White Stripes records and album art to make you weak at the knees.

“It’s been a bitch to get that song the way we wanted it to be. In terms of lyrical content, the chorus says it all, right? “I wear you like a cheap tattoo” – like something or somebody that will always be a part of you, like it or not. A lot of people can probably relate to that sentiment.”

Pulsating drumbeats and eight pieces of black nipple-tape.

The Fever are sexy. “Our live shows are Loud, hot and raw. Grinding guitars, booming bass sounds, dirty, overdriven synths, pulsating drumbeats and eight pieces of black nipple-tape.”

The Fever

The nipple tape? “We like sexy. And we like simple. And we don’t particularly like censorship… so we’re putting an ironic spin on it. It’s a concept that’s somewhat geared towards our US-audiences, but it seems to work well everywhere.”

Their infectious sound and even more so, on stage image help their band attract well deserved attention. It’s very important for artists to present their own meaningful image. Uniqueness is not a hot topic within popular music at the moment but it is executed excellently by The Fever.

“Most of our shows were really fun, but there’s one that stood out. Last fall we played at Five Star Bar in Downtown Los Angeles. We went on early, so as we started, there weren’t too many people at the venue. But they left the doors open, and during our set people kept flocking in from the street. By the end the place was full. After the show we found out that most of them were just passing by, but we caught their attention – so they popped in. That was kinda cool, catching random people on the fly like that.”

Right now Coco and Teut are finishing up a Seven Track EP and already pre-producing another one. In May they are shooting a video for their next single, “Sixty Stitches,” and in summer they are planning plenty of shows around Berlin. Later in the year you’ll be able to catch The Fever on tour through the Greater LA area and possibly further afield.

You can follow The Fever on Facebook and SoundCloud and we are offering an exclusive download of their single, “Cheap Tattoo” on our March edition of Sounds of Shlur for a limited time only.