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Sindre Brusselmans – Image Is Nothing, Angst Is Everything

“I have a gonzo approach to being an artist. In a way we need artists to live on the edges of the emotional spectre as well as on the fringes of society so that the rest have a subject through which they can live vicariously. Sort of a philosophical and emotional avant-garde.”

Sindre Brusselmans is a 29 year old, from Oslo Norway. Having been in Berlin for 8 months, living in a flat/studio in Wedding, his exhibition “Image is Nothing, Angst is Everything,” opens this Friday at Erratum Galerie in Kreuzberg.

Sindre graduated from the National Art Academy is Oslo in 2013 and whilst exhibiting his work multiple times in Norway, Image is Nothing, Angst is Everything will be his first exhibition in Berlin.

Sailor Skulls

“Sailor Skulls”

“I draw inspiration form all sorts of sources, from expressionism, to beat literature, from minimalism to the performative aspect of art production. I look at the gallery as a place through which I report back to the world. A sort of “headquarter” if you will. Which I visit and exhibition where I am now, and what I am about at this moment in time. I leave the gallery and come back again once I feel there is something new to share with the audience.”

“I had a very semantic approach to the photograph, trying to figure out its main elements and from that make objects that could be read as photographs. but have since come to add emotions and grand statements.”

“I feel often that art is presented within this framework of a language you need a degree to understand. Although I very much love conceptual works, I feel perhaps that sometimes artists hide behind this elitist language. So I try to communicate directly with the audience, while all along having plenty layers underneath for the ones who are interested to unearth. There should be something immediate about the work, something that catches your attention and invites to further reading.”

His upcoming exhibition will encompass all of these things. The works themselves will be large lightbox paintings, reminiscent of commercial billboards. Bold, accessible with crude messages and expressionistic motives. Sindre drew upon personal experiences and moments as well as reactions to the world around him. The exhibition title itself is taken from an advert for Sprite in the 90s that read, “Image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst.” The obeying of the angst is what is being addressed here. A very human feeling and something that we all experience on some sort of level, “be it towards our morality, our own accomplishments or how we feel society expects us to be, it is something I try to address with regards to the constant bombardment of images and ads we are faces with in our daily lives,” Sindre explains.

It Is Not My Baby Sindre Brusselmans

“It Is Not My Baby”

When we see adverts reaching out to us in such an aggressive and boisterous manor, we are expected to be drawn in to the marketing and believe that, “everything will be better with the new Phillips razor blade,” Sindre uses his work as a reaction to that, “I have taken the same format and tried to add something personal and tried to show that this format could be used to tell storied, to convey feelings. All this space in our cities are used to build up under the mindless consumer mantra and I want to react to that, to use a format people are familiar with, but with a different message, an intimate one, and in one instant a very blunt one.”

Sindre likes his coffee. Black. The exhibition starts at 7pm this Friday (4th April) and you can R.S.V.P on Facebook. You can follow Sindre’s work on Cargo Collective and look forward to reading his thoughts as we welcome him as a Shlur contributor as of this month.

Image is nothing, angst is everything