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Leeds Looking Shitty On A Sunny Day: A Photo Essay

I think it’s probably best to preface this by saying I love Leeds.

Rough Translation: "The mother of Dani is a dirty skinhead with prostate cancer."

Rough Translation: “The mother of Dani is a dirty skinhead with prostate cancer.”

But that doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to how wonderfully shitty it is when you look in the right places.

Wander around the city centre and its fringes and behind or alongside the beautiful facades there is always something to remind you that Leeds is quite capable of being rough, rundown and desolate. And this despite being very much a booming city, with the monument to capitalism that is Trinity Centre and various new building works being undertaken. There’s still more than its fair share of unloved and overlooked areas, with boarded up shops and bars usually right next to those enjoying Leeds’ current renaissance. Around the corner from success lie failures and a reminder that the recession is still in theory ongoing. Just look at the bottom of The Calls, or near any of the recent developments by the river. Why improve the old when you can build right next door?



So here’s my photo essay dedicated to these areas of Leeds, looking their best on a sunny day.


Roads To Elsewhere



One Way

Elegy For Leeds In Minor

Elegy For Leeds In Minor


All photos taken on a Minolta X-700 loaded with Agfa Vista Plus CN200. More of Sam’s photography can be found on his Flickr page.