Sounds of Shlur 8

Sounds of Shlur #8 Mar ’14

March draws to a close so the questions arises, what have we been listening to this month?

We start with the beautiful sounding, Anna Morley ahead of our interview with her next month. The Australian multi-instrumentalist’s music can be described as “an eclectic fusion of electro-acoustic vibes with ambient overtones, woven together by fresh minimal grooves.” The track Today the Heart is a perfect example of this. We’ve been playing a lot of Super Flu this month, maybe it’s because we’re getting to that point now where we can start looking forward to Summer. Super Flu’s groovy and fun melodies provide a climatic springboard before the summer bangers start to appear. Heatsicks’s experimental electronic music follows on from Super Flu before we get weird with Shatners Bassoon which is a vomit explosion of keyboards, organs,  squishy bubbles, clarinets and drums.

After nearly 10 minutes of Shatners Bassoon you inevitably have to bring things back down to earth. 65 Days of Static’s new single, Taipei is a “collection of beautiful melodies held back for half of the track until the noise explodes.”

Cheap_Tattoo_Single_CoverThe Fever – Cheap Tattoo

This week on Sounds of Shlur we have a free download from Berlin based punk, blues rockers, The Fever. Ahead of our interview with them next month we are able to offer their single, Cheap Tattoo as a free download for a limited time. Click the artwork to download now.



You can listen to the Sounds of Shlur March playlist on Spotify by clicking this link or via the player below.