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Running Wild in Berlin’s Finest

Across the water from Berlin’s attempt at Long Beach you might see a toppling tree balancing on the post of a dock in Wansee. Berlin is home to some amazing lakes and parks, providing lush contrast to it’s busy city vibes. If you’re looking to exercise your right to pump oxygen to your body there are some killer spots to check out.

Berlin Running

First off, if you like to run, check out Volkspark Schöneberg Wilmersdorf for a long and winding trail with a little greenery and a cool pedestrian bridge, complete with wooden hurdles for the novice parkour artist in all of us. Running on the grass is soft on your joints and positive for developing muscular reactions to uneven ground. If you haven’t tried out these shoes yet, I would highly recommend them for experimenting with your stride and techniques for connecting to the ground (forefoot running, etc.) and this park is the perfect haven for a gentle trek.

Running In Berlin

On the subject of havens, hop over to Westhafen and check out Fritz-Schloß-Park for the most dynamic workout you can set your imagination to. From stretching on the zero impact oddity, to air splits on a trampoline, to a military rope course, to the German hang on gymnast rings, to a run through the fresh wooded trails.

Learning to feel your body is the focus of many different disciplines from yoga to acrobatics, and they all can be learned through friends and the online pedagogic community. As a personal reference, I started trying hand stands last summer and have been to all of the major parks to explore further. After patiently handling the finer adjustments to each new skill, my workouts are looking more like a Capoeira dance or a gymnasts’ routine.


Oh, the open space! You don’t really notice that you’ve been surrounded by a five floor monoliths until you’re on edge of Tempelhofer Freiheit. It’s a free for all of activities ranging from ameture barbaquing, frizbee, kite boarding, yoga, full speed arials, to running and cycling. On either side of the skylark mating season, the entire Airport field is openned for anyone to run like a lunetic child. This spot is a great hangout to combine your athletic endevours with some casual hootenanies, and all this fun is on the back of very important histroical grounds (notice the radar sphere in the distance).


Here is another “radioactive site” , where you can skinny dip into the wild. With a red brick spire marking the spot of an ecological education and conference center, this a laid little lake for a little butterfly. It’s a clothing optional beach, and quite a shock for someone new to Europes’ aqueous recreation; it left one Canadian cogitating “Is this what every lake is like.”

It makes sense to find a park nearest you, but running across the city shows the dynamic architechtual fossils which tell a vivid story of the past hundred years. Wandering through Humbolts older campus might drum up thoughts of soldier creeping warrily through these brick-walled back roads, before or after the countless intellectuals who chose fostered their genius there.

Give me shout to play ping-pong at Gleisdreieck.
Honourable Mention: Großer Tiergarten, Viktoriapark, Volkspark Friedrichshain, and Treptower Park