Garance Dore

Meet The World’s Most Closely Followed Fashion Blogger

We’re always interested to find out more about people who help shape an movement and when it comes to fashion there is currently no bigger movement than blogging.

There are millions of people publishing online blogs. From a marketing perspective it’s an important part of modern day consumer expression. It’s also a way for big fashion brands to reach beyond traditional media, enabling them to connect with their audience on a new level, through real people with real influence.

In the fashion industry influential bloggers are now  the ones calling the shots and can be found frequenting the frow (that’s front row to you and me) with the best of them. But what about one of those who have reached the upper echelons of the blogosphere?

Garance Doré” is the visual diary of fashion photographer, illustrator and writer Garance Doré. Garance emerged at the start of the blogging phenomenon in 2006 and has remained an influential figure ever since. Described by Interview magazine as “possibly the world’s most closely followed blogger” Doré actually started her career as a fashion illustrator. Frustrated by the lack of connection she had with her audience and inspired by the  photographs of now partner, Scott Schuman of The Sartoralist, she began photographing the people who inspired her.

Now first and foremost a photographer, her time is spent shooting fashion editorials, illustrating, interviewing fellow creative types and capturing some serious street style.

Garence is one of the lucky few to call her passion her career. And if that isn’t enough to get envious over, this French fancy now lives in New York.

Unassuming and unaffected by her success, her blog content is engaging and informative,  and her curiosity remains as real as it was when she started.  Garance has now effectively connected with her audience, “I always keep in mind that blogs were very personal diaries when they started, and I try and keep up that intimate conversation with my readers. Today blogging is more integrated, less revolutionary. I feel very happy to have been part of that shift.”

It is this view that keeps her audience coming back for more. In a field where anyone with a knack for a good selfie and a Topshop store card can call themselves a blogger, really great stories  from one of the “originals” are a joy to read for anyone with an interest in fashion.

Now a fully fledged fashion icon in her own right, Garance finds herself on the other side of the camera  and has been nominated for numerous fashion accolades including Vogue’s 40 women of the decade. Of course being French  Garance herself was born with an extra dose of chic, so even if your budget is more River Don that Riviera here are three top pieces for some instant French Girl style.

People Tree Breton Top

Breton Top

Ever since Coco Chanel adapted traditional sailor tops in the 1930’s this has been a must have for wardrobe’s  the world over ever since. Just keep the stripes slim. Breton top by People Tree

Mango Trench

Classic Trench

There never was a more timeless and classic piece than the humble trench coat.  This will never go out of fashion. Be it from Mango or Burberry, both do very nicely.
Trench Coat by Mango.



Oxblood Loafers

Oxblood Loafers

These loafers are a variation on the penny loafer . Classic, chic, cool.
Loafers – Modshoes