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Kreuzberg, 1979

Taking footage originally broadcast on 3sat in 1979 as part of a documentary called, “River Spree, South East,” for the “Berlinische Reports,” series by Ingeborg Euler the following video is pieced together by Falko Brocksieper. By taking some of the most eerie shots from the documentary and dubbing over 7 minutes of Brian Eno’s Ambient 4 we get a unique look into 1979 Berlin.

The relationship between the audio and visual gives us an idea of what it was like living in Krezberg, West Berlin, then surrounded on three sides by East Berlin. Seemingly shot in Winter, the scenes are cold and show streets mostly devoid of people, the famous Oberbaum bridge, then acting as part of the Berlin wall looks decrepit, dull and run down as do the areas around Schlesisches Tor.

Video via Berlin Graffiti

It’s a fascinating look into the past of a city so full of history and interesting to see buildings stripped of their colour and graffiti as we know them today. A city of grey and brown canvasses awaiting change.

The original documentary can be watched in full, here, with a slightly different feel to the unedited shots, the editor has still chosen to go with an eerie, synthesised soundtrack for the most part. Just not quite as dystopian sounding as Eno.