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Cafe Fińska – Krakow’s Free Coffee Shop

Krakow is known to be one of the most exciting and aspiring city’s in Europe and what comes hand in hand with a place so full of culture, creatives and life? The many, many coffee shops and cafes. It’s thought that Krakow is home to over 700 cafes and rivals the likes of Paris and Vienna when it comes to that caffeinated culture.

Amongst those 700 cafe’s there’s one that stands out quite distinctively. Cafe Fińska is Krakow’s first free cafe.

Fińska started as a project by Polish artist, Michał Mioduszewski originally titled, “Revolutions Happen In Cafes” during the 2013 Art Boom festival. The building was acquired by Michal for the duration of the festival and gradually started to attract a crowd of locals, artists from the festival and curious pedestrians. Fińska became an institution, a place where artists could meet, talk, network and inspire one another. Chairs, tables, art, facilities and of course coffee were kindly donated and funding from the festival helped to pay for the initial rent of the building. Visitors were encouraged to create as a form of payment, to paint, to draw, to design. Even the tablecloths were a canvas for art.

Cafe Fińska Krakow

As the cafe grew and the festival came to a close, donations and crowd funding along with a sizable award from Groupon.pl for “Best Community Project” have allowed for the cafe to live on. So for now, at least, you can be a part of one of Krakow’s most interesting creative projects. Don’t expect the coffee to be as artisan as the artwork, but expect the visitors to be engaging and friendly and the experience to be unique.

Cafe Fińska is open everyday except Monday from 430pm to 10pm and you can find it at Józefińska 47, 30-529 Kraków.