Android Wear

Google Announces Android Wear OS

Google have officially announced their first foray into wearable tech with the Android Wear OS. The modified version of Android OS delivers concise and vital information direct to your wrist, initially with the introduction of their smart watch. LG, ASUS, HTC and Motorola have been announced as official hardware partners with Motorola and LG’s first devices expected to arrive in Q2 of this year.

So how will these smart watches change the way we go about our daily lives and what will they make easier? Controlled predominantly by voice, much like the Google Glass devices,  you’ll be able to search, text, check your teams scores, get directions, view your schedule, book a taxi, be warned about jellyfish invasions and more local and happening news, traffic reports, flight times and check ins, fitness stats, weather and of course, tell the time right from the watch on your wrist.

You can sign up now on the Moto 360 site to become an early developer adopter with devices expected to ship Summer 2014.