Burning Beaches

Camden’s Burning Beaches talk Ibiza and meeting East17

When an artist’s name comes to the attention of the countless, willowy figures that crowd Camden’s questionable canals on a nightly basis, breaking out of the gutters of warm-up-act anonymity is often within touching distance. Burning Beaches have been on a few lips recently so we asked them to have a word with us.

“We are Sam McCarthy, Dan Sayer, Dave Kennedy and Dave Danger” says Sam.
“We’ve know each other a long time and been in various bands around Camden”, Sam continues.
“We wanted to play together for a while. The timing was right and no one was doing much so we started a band… simple as that.”

Having been confirmed on the bill of the momentous Camden Rocks festival at the end of May, Burning Beaches are amassing quite a bit of a following. Sam does not seem too concerned with logistics.
“We just play music that we want to hear and never try to think about it too much” he says.

On stage, however, the indifference slips. Cue bludgeoning grooves and bluesy licks, as the venue stamps along to the sleazy ditty of Burning Beaches. Sam seems more excited just talking about playing.
“We went to Ibiza… lost our shit. We went to Portsmouth… lost our shit. We like Camden. We lose our shit but its home, y’know.”

Gigs have been lively to say the least. We pester Sam for a few rockstar anecdotes
“Someone threw a Jager bomb once! Crazy Shit! My favourite was when I hung out with East 17 in Bar Blue in Portsmouth. Those were the days. They loved their charge those boys.”

As long as we are on the subject, do Sam and company have any musical guilty pleasures?
“We like to get drunk and dance to Haim, 80s-movie-montage style” he responds promptly. There is an image we will struggle to wipe from our brains’ showrooms.

Perhaps this intrigues you though. Perhaps you would like to know how you could observe Burning Beaches yourself.
“Google burning beaches, add us on Facebook or Twitter, or come in the Hawley Arms and ask one of us where we are playing next!”
That’s settled then. You have an excuse to go back to the Hawley Arms.