Alec Doherty Interview

Alec Doherty – Illustrator and Printmaker

Alec DohertyAlec Doherty is an Illustrator and Printmaker based out of Newington Green, North London. His designs are bold, big, often typographic and draw influences from some of the best illustrators of idiosyncratic designs. “I like artists like Sasek and Jim Flora,” states Alec when asked where his unique style comes from, “they influenced the way I put images together when I first started out.”

“I liked drawing and making stuff when I was a kid, I liked history too but my sister was a graphic designer, she’s quite a bit older than me and had her own studio, I’d help out there in the holidays. I thought what she did was really cool so when I left school I went to art college to study art and design, if she’d been an archeologist I’d have probably done that instead.”

It’s not been an overnight success for Alec, like many destined to succeed there have been many long nights and stressful weekends putting in the graft, studying, working less than ideal jobs and building up an awareness. “I think we all have to work crappy jobs along the way and I still have to now and again, it’s character building I hear. I’ve had steady jobs at agencies but I prefer the freedom of freelancing, however it’s a feast or famine way of living, and can make you pretty unpopular with your girlfriend from time to time.”

Alec has worked with London based brewery, Partizan since their inception and is the genius behind their iconic labels. The designs with Partizan are a lot more than simply creating a brand image, they’re a pure outlet for creativity and reflect the whole brewing process as well as the characteristics of the beer. “Working with Partizan has been brilliant. They make beer which I really like plus all the people that work there are really sound. I’ve been there from the very start so it’s great watching the whole thing grow. The great thing about it is that its not really a branding project, there’s no ‘identity’ or ‘core values’ to work with its just about producing stuff we all like, beer and labels and helping it along as it takes on its own life.” It’s inspiring to say the least to see a group people bringing together their unique set of skills and being able to produce some incredible results. “I love the whole cottage industry revival that’s happening at the minute, people giving it a go making stuff they love and a lot of people making it work, its really inspiring.”

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Stay tuned for the summer as Partizan celebrate their 100th brew and 100th label, “We’re going to be throwing a party in the early summer for it and we’re doing something really cool (hand painting bottles) which will be exhibited at the brewery party for everyone to drunkenly ogle.”

Alongside a handpicked bunch of talented creatives, Alec belongs to the Puck Collective, now with over 40 members, the group is one of the largest illustration collectives in the UK, remaining fresh with their annual, “call for entries” aimed to replenish and invigorate the group with fresh talent and ideas. “I’m very lucky to be a member of the Puck Collective, we’ve got a load of shows coming up in the next couple of months, Pick Me Up probably being the biggest one and what we’ve got planned for that (if it works) will be amazing.”

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You can follow Alec’s progress on his website and twitter and you can also check out some beautiful films that he makes with, Two Friends.

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