65 Days of Static

65 Days of Static Release New Video for Taipei

65 Days of Static65 Days of Static are currently out on tour promoting their new album, “Wild Light,” and have just released the official video for the single, Taipei which features the unreleased b-side, Drone Not Drones.

The Sheffield based instrumental post-rock band are currently hitting most of the UK before a short trip out to Europe ahead of a stint in Japan.

The single, Taipei was one of the first songs to be written for the “Wild Light,” album. It came to light in the Gloria Hotel, China, “under the shadow of the 101 and above the hum of the MRT. Night markets selling bootleg operating systems and tofu; one of Calvino’s cities made real; a lithe metropolis sculpted like a well EQ’d kick drum: all sub and crispy punch, the muddy low-end junk scooped out.”
Those ideas brought back to Sheffield and translated into music read as a collection of beautiful melodies held back for half of the track until the noise explodes. “When it does get going, it really gets going.”

The video follows much the same direction as the single starting with dark imagery of spot lights reflected through boxes culminating in a bright ensemble of fast, eclectic visuals against slow, detailed shots.

The single is out now via all the usual places. The video is below.