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Wayne Hemingway calls all Mods and Vintage Vultures to London

‘Vintage is about celebrating timeless and classic design”, Wayne Hemingway tells us.

Having spent 21 consecutive seasons, watching his own designs walk up and down the catwalks of London Fashion Week and several successful festivals celebrating vintage style, Wayne knows a thing or two about what is always in vogue.

From 15 – 16 March Wayne and company will be coming to London, with a Classic Car Boot Sale taking over the Southbank Centre.
Get your parkas on and warm up your Leica cameras, as retro fairground rides, tablefuls of craft beer and a barrage of classic cars will signal a two day nod to the old school for everyone to enjoy.

Wayne Hemingway - The Vintage Festival

Why should the average post-tween vintage vulture mosey down to Southbank on 15 March?

“You would be daft to miss it, wonderful location, amazing content, great food, music and its only £4 for the public” Wayne tells us.

Just a few of the more ostentatious items on sale at Wayne’s previous events range from vintage telephones to Bretton suitcases, even to a boat anchor. This year’s focus is Mod subculture.

The youths of the sixties are among Wayne’s muses, by his own admission.

He is far from being the only one to reach for the age of scooters and Small Faces, as many draw inspiration from the Mods’ swagger.

“Perrenially cool” is what Wayne calls them. “They are rebellious, yet smart.”

Mod subculture brings fashion, music and vehicles together, just like Vintage presents The Classic Car Boot Sale’ he smiles, as we eagerly mark down next month in our datebooks.

There is something inviting in the Mod subculture that does not look to exclude from the get go. When the youth of punk and grunge each aimed to rebel and deconstruct the status quo, Mod culture was more concerned with rebuilding after times of hardship, we ponder.  Wayne agrees.

Wayne Hemingway - The Vintage Festival

The Mods sported British roundels, rode Italian scooters, wore French suits and listened to American jazz. There is a futureproof element to Mod nostalgia, because of its celebration of unity.

However, Wayne is quick to remind us of his mantra. “A bit of nostalgia is allowed, but above all it is all about timeless quality.”

We cannot wait to see what timelessness he has in store, come next month.