Vintage Throwbacks

Vintage Throwbacks – The Best Classic Comebacks in Interior Design

Thanks to the likes of Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Baz Lurhmann’s Great Gatsby, period nostalgia has charmed its way into the hearts and homes of many – and now the designers are taking notice too. Many of 2014’s leading looks recreate the highs (and lows) of twentieth century decor, the predominance of vintage throwbacks in the trend reports demonstrative of the fashion’s refusal to date. But achieving the look at home is often easier said than done. With far too many retro-hangovers and reproductions available on the high street, how do we know which styles will add time-honoured charm to our homes and which should firmly be relegated to the history books? We’ve picked the best classic comebacks that will give you all the character you need to guarantee you’re on-trend for 2014 – no floral bed skirts or shag pile required.

Vintage Throwbacks - 60s Sideboard

60s Sideboards

Image – Pinterest

Practical, functional and oh-so-serious, who doesn’t need a statement 60s sideboard to stash away all that excess crockery and Denby china? But don’t just sideline them to the dining room. Hallways, bedrooms, kitchens – wherever there’s a wall stick a sideboard. Look to the set of Mad Men for inspiration, Sterling Cooper’s masculine design and practicality a firm nod to 2014’s formal take on the trend. Choose pieces in walnut or teak with solid doors and closed storage for simple no-nonsense style.

Rattan Furniture

Image – Link

In keeping with 2014’s emphasis on earthy design, the strong natural texture of rattan has re-established its position in the modern home with interior designers introducing it as an organic alternative to synthetic and treated materials. It’s mellow tones will add warmth to your room and, as rattan is a tropical relative of the palm tree, don’t be afraid to look to your own family for assistance in sourcing furniture – rattan chairs and sofas lurking in corners of conservatories and nursing homes everywhere.

 3. Acid Yellow

Acid Yellow

Image – Tumblr

Look away now as acid yellow is back. Colour forecasters have predicted this bold 60s hue will inject some vibrancy into 2014’s saturated palette, Pantone (the global authority on colour) announcing blazing ‘Freesia’ as one of their leading colours for Spring. Representing happiness and confidence, yellow might be synonymous with hope but when applied to interior design such optimism might be misguided. I recommend using sparingly, uplifting highlights and subtle accents providing all the colour’s vibrancy without the inevitable headache.

4. Copper Kitchenware

Copper Kitchenware

 Image – Williams Sonoma

The brass revival has moved into the kitchen, courtesy of Downton Abbey and ITV’s quintessential portrayal of aristocratic Edwardian life. With its superior heat conductivity, copper cookware has long been the first choice for professional chefs and now interior designers are getting hold of the action too. Look to luxury Italian manufacturer Ruffoni for the finest culinary collection, hammered from a single sheet of copper and adorned with a distinctive hand-cast artichoke knob they really are the ultimate in high-end kitchenware. On the high-street Lakeland’s new range of copper pans provide a more affordable option, still with all the style and vintage grandeur you need to recreate your own period drama.

4. Venetian Marble

Venetian Marble

 Image – ARCPR

Venetian marbled prints are swirling their way onto everything from linen and porcelain to wallpaper and floor tiles. Venice was the leading influence on fifteenth century printing and this ornate Italian style evokes all of the historical romanticism from this period. It’s worth investing in high quality reproductions as Venetian decor is all about class – rich jewel tones and gold leaf classic hallmarks of this truly Italian style. Such traditional patterns will beautifully offset your modern appliances and add a little bit of renaissance glamour to any contemporary design.