Tailor Made To Today – Adrien Sauvage

Shlur are always on the lookout for emerging and inspiring designers to set tongues wagging. Adrien Sauvage is a gentleman of many talents, his skill set includes:

  • Professional basketball player (represented Great Britain, only on an international level though and at the mere age of 13, so no big deal really)
  • Personal stylist and lifestyle coach
  • Built up his own company around styling, ‘Untitled Muse’ (so deep as well as an athlete)
  • Director
  • Photographer
  • Designer

(Wipes sweat away from forehead)

So with leaving us all feeling pretty inadequate, and with a CV possibly longer than most university graduates dissertations, it’s fair to say that Sauvage is a man who is not to be under estimated.

Sauvage proves this with his design work. Adrien began his career in design when he realised a gap in the market within men’s sartorial, feeling that males needs were not being met, and sought to do something about this. It all begun with his first capsule collection ‘This is not a suit’, a collection of contemporary tailoring described by the Evening Standard as ‘the future of British menswear’.  Each of the pieces within the collection was based on tailoring archetypes, adapted to create a Sauvage silhouette. Sauvage set his standards high by literally reforming the shape of menswear with his first collection, unsurprising from a man who retired from a professional basketball career at the age of 19.

Adrien Sauvage

Since then Sauvage’s collections have progressed and blossomed, incorporating different techniques, cultures, and materials creating something a little more playful and fun.  His AW 14 collection personifies this perfectly. The collection consists of an amalgam of prints, styles and materials. With the collection bringing tartan ensembles, oversized leather jackets, velvet suits, geometric prints and pops of colour amidst the grey and black collaborations it is safe to say that Sauvage has found his confidence within menswear.

Another aspect of Sauvage’s work that we love is that his designs are not only innovative and inspiring in their composite, but also within their creation. His designs pull from his Ghanaian background, making the pieces both diverse and original. Within his AW 12 he incorporated Ghanaian woven silk kente (silk kente is made of interwoven strips, native to the Akan ethnic group in South Ghana) and his SS 13 collection features Asafo print (Asafo being political and military institution of the Akan, but known for being an expressive and aesthetic culture, Sauvage worked from this basing the print upon the Ghanaian flags of the Fante people whom had elaborate traditions of visual art which included flags, banners and figurative scenes) … and if you’re reading this article instead of working or revising, well at least it’s been educational.

This continental consolidation equates in a mod, sharp and diverse amalgamation of collections, bringing ethnic inspiration to gentleman’s attire, proving his worth within the monopoly of menswear. Sauvage has already created quite the following, and poses the question to us that with a multitude of talent and keen eye for design, IS he half man half robot? Whatever the case may be, having just put on his first show at LFW Menswear he’s only getting bigger.

Sauvage is the answer to a modernised and contemporary form of tailoring for the generation of today, exploring different techniques and materials that help bring his collection to life. Jump on the back of the wagon following this multi talented, slam dunking, fashion marvel.