Sounds of Shlur

Sounds of Shlur #7 Feb ’14

The short month of February has blasted by and this is our soundtrack to it. As always it’s a mix of old and new, electronic and alternative. We start with “Bango” by Helge Kuhl, a relatively unknown producer from Cologne. Taken from the EP Nothing Hill, Bango’s gliding strings and thumping kick take you away in preperation for the sharp paper clicking synth stabs that continue into the outro. The whole EP is a fun, catchy and very well produced work of art. More can be found on SoundCloud. “Bier” by Secret Cinema and Egbert follows on as smooth as you like from “Bango.” In the same fun, thumpy and catchy tone, once the full beef of the song kicks in, you’re already moving. “Take Words in Return” is as beautiful a composition as you would expect by Henrik Schwarz, followed by “Reflections” which shows off the pure durability of English producer, Alan Fitzpatrick. A far cry from his usual thumping techno beasts, “Reflections” is still a masterpiece of progressive electronic music. We take it underground with Thomas Hessler’s “Berlin Movement”  from his Lost EP to prepare for the alternative music. Hessler captures the essence of a grimy underground dungeon of a night out in the city’s capital. The LP bass sounds like it’s coming from the club next door and the synth riffs a reminiscent of a futuristic distopia.

We move on to the Big Ups and the Blacklisters. You can read our review of their recent gig in Leeds over here. Angry, loud, distorted, aggressive fun. Well worth catching either of these bands live. Fugazi lead us into a pleasent outro with music from, Archers of Loaf, Mac Demarco and Kieran Leonard to finish us off.

You can listen to Sounds of Shlur #7 on Spotify using this link or by using the embedded player below.