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Glossy Coats – An interview with a pair of Brighton rockers

Youth and subculture never really left Brighton. Some of the best venues and most progressive sounds set up roots in the Sussex capital at the genesis of pop culture and we are still reaping the fruits. After well and truly earning their Brighton stripes and with an upcoming show at The Hope on 31 January, local duo Glossy Coat are plotting a musical surge.

‘You can expect to see us in London soon, we promise’, says guitarist and singer Alexander A.K.A.‘C. Dogg’. ‘Brighton has great venues but more and more are threatened by closure all the time.

“Try Sticky Mike’s!” C. Dogg says. “We’ve played their twice and fallen asleep on the downstairs sofa even more than that.”
Before bonding over a mutual love of ‘pop infused, fuzz rock’ with the drumming half of Glossy Coat – Lee Borg, C Dogg found himself “dilly dallying with almost every other musician in the city”. Now that they have settled the line up Glossy Coat are taking their eclectic, garage swagger to the big stage.

By their own admission the band’s sound was born out of serial exposure to Springsteen, Joan Jett and the occasional aperitif. “Every musician hates describing their music. We are, by nature, pretentious” says C. Dogg.

The band’s singles, including ‘Not A Life’, performed with best friends and former bandmates Toby and Tom, are on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. “We’re pretty new though” says C. Dogg, “so you’ll have to hold off for new music until February.”
It seems like a message of promise from a young indie band, where the world of pop seems obsessed with filling the headlines with drivel as opposed to investing some time into making music.

In a week when Justin Beiber’s legal troubles have only briefly been knocked off our newsfeeds by One Direction, C. Dogg sums his own band’s creed in haiku.“Bieber: got collared, Liam felt Payne on the roof. Glossy Coat? Stay tuned.”

Such artistic commitment is worth raising a glass to. I toast to them and ask what they are drinking this evening. “Drambuie” C. Dogg says unperturbed “but never before we play.”

“Pros before flows”, C Dogg concludes admirably. I leave, feeling glad Brighton still breeds talent and even gladder I am not the one performing tonight.